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    Nov 16, 2015
    Hey everyone. Exciting times coming up for our product offering - we're bringing out two new variants over the coming month.

    The one that will be coming to Builder Society, including a special BuSo only discount is going to be a mega-premium offering for those of you who want only the very finest authority links. They will be DR40+ with around 1/3 typically over AHREFS DR50, and all the linkbait is going to be taken care of for you by WordAgents (@stackcash here). In fact for any sites we contribute the content to (sometimes the webmasters write their own, of course, WordAgents will also be writing the posts guaranteeing you and your clients if you're an agency/reseller will be delighted with what they read.

    So now is a good time to jump on out standard product here if you're looking for our regular offering as we could be very busy in a couple of weeks! Though we're scaling quickly and any interruption will be short-lived!