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Up until recently I had used every content provider on BuSo that came and went or is still here, as well as off the forum. Somehow I had passed over TextBoss, and recently I wanted to see what else was out there.

The reason is that I'm hitting a larger scale and no single provider was able to feed me enough content in the amount of time I needed it, so I started seeking another team.

Yes, I'm seeking another team because many of the previous ones frankly eventually pissed me off or I outgrew them in some fashion at no fault of their own. Some of the issues I faced were bait and switch orders where everything was fine on a test order, then the first medium order was fine, and then when I'd place a bulk order they thought it was more valuable to burn the relationship and deliver me crap that had zero resemblance to the first deliverables. I've had people swear they're using native writers and charging those prices but then assigning content to ESL writers once the bulk order goes through. I've had coupons be given for unbeatable prices only for those articles to be written by someone at the discounted ESL value (meaning I didn't get a coupon, I got lied to and ripped off). Endless amounts of writers who refuse to follow 3 sentences of simple instructions. Agencies under-delivering articles by 300 words over and over, and so on. Incomplete information. The list of problems to run into is nearly endless.

I mention all of that simply to say that I have not had those issues with TextBoss. I'm providing a main keyword and an example URL with the instructions "I want everything from this URL included and I want you to find more information to add", and they've been nailing it. They're the re-write kings so far, which is basically what I'm asking for. Is that what they always do? I don't know, but if that's what you want or need, they've got it in the bag.

Are there the rare instance where things slip through? Sure. I've asked for no references to the healthiness (health claims) or references to death or war (family-friendly). One time out of the 30 articles I've reviewed so far have had that slip through. That's a win in my opinion. The time savings can't be overstated.

I'm not getting any weird English-as-a-Second-Language phrasings. I'm not getting fluff and off-topic pop culture references which can confuse Google in terms of entity optimization. The writers aren't trying to be cute and funny. It's just raw information, to the point. I'm not having to edit a thing, and everything I requested to be included is included. Again, it's the time savings here that have me so happy.

The most amazing part of all this is the turn-around-time. It's so good it's scary. It's so good I ran the content through AI detectors, and they passed with flying colors. It's scary because they're doing what everyone else I tried couldn't manage, which is deliver enough content to keep me and my team busy so the publication schedule stays chock full. In fact, where writers were my bottleneck, I now have a backlog of content to chew through because TextBoss delivered that much faster than I expected.

You know how they say you get two choices between three options? Cheap, Fast, or Good? I'm not trying to blow smoke here, they're managing to tick off all the boxes, and I'm assuming it's because they have a boatload of writers.

Can content get better? Sure, at twice the price it's marginally better. But I can't wait around forever for delivery either. I need content coming in fast and I need it at the right price, since volume publishing is a numbers game. TextBoss has made me very happy so far, to the point where some of my previous reviews either embarrass me or make me mad. Everyone has something to offer at each price point, and TextBoss is running the game at this price point, in my opinion.

I think there's three price tiers for content in general in the SEO game (not counting the outrageous stuff at the top end). TextBoss occupies the middle-tier in my opinion (and from my experience is the best choice at this level), and it's entirely worth stretching your budget upwards to them from the lower tier to save time on cleaning up the mess you get otherwise. And to me it's even worth dropping down a tier to them, because the quality difference is fairly unnoticeable and the turn-around-time has become the a big issue for me. If that sounds like you, give them a shot and see if you like what comes back. I did and felt obligated to leave a positive review, because I'm getting that much value out of them and they aren't f-cking me around in any fashion like so many others have.

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Hi there,

I've placed an order a couple of days ago but I haven't received a confirmation email nor have been charged.

Thank you
Placed a small order as a test and came back in less than 24 hours.

The content was well written and well optimized with very few instructions.

I will definitely be ordering a lot more for future projects.
I wanted to take a minute to write a better review for Taylor and TextBoss.

I placed my second order with them but this time, instead of the usual blog post, I requested to get a case study written up for my agency. Again, I had very little information for him to go off of and had one small request - that it was written in a "conversational story" style.

Just like my first order, the 2k word turnaround was just under 24 hours which is incredible for the quality of work that I received. I got the conversational style I wanted and he somehow expanded on the little bit of information that I provided to them.

I've gone through my fair share of writers through various platforms and TextBoss is my favorite so far. I got high-end writing at a great price. They get 5 stars from me for sure.

If anyone is on the fence about ordering content from them, just do it! You'll save time and money by going to these writers that are great, fast, and very affordable.
I am in the process of starting a new site.

Short Review:

Best content I have been able to find at this price point and I will keep using TextBoss for the bulk of my outsourced informational content while the quality stays at this level. Short TaT. Taylor is nice.

Long Review:

I have ordered some content from Taylor from TextBoss and some from others on the Marketplace. I have also tried a few of the other content mills out there (iwriter etc.).

I have also tried UpWork, ProBlogger etc. in the past and, in the long run, I will try and sort out my own team/hire people directly. But right now I don't have the time or budget for that.

I provide TB with article outline with headings and useful resources, and maybe some key points to cover. In other cases, I am providing a link to another article online and saying "write an article like this, use similar headings, mix it up a bit, add X,Y,Z".

Of the providers I've used, TextBoss has been the best by far based on the 7 articles I've ordered them. This is consistent high-quality first-language English writing.

I am still having to do minor edits, but I am very particular. Most of the time it's just turns of phrase that I, as author on my site, don't think match my voice. If I was less fussy or writing under a pseudonym I could just publish it as it comes in, it's better than a lot of what my competitors are publishing for the same keywords.

In fact, I ordered an article from another provider last week at the same 3c/word. I got it back 5 days later. I decided it wasn't worth my time trying to edit it because it was so far off what I asked for, and the writing quality itself was just bad. I would have had to rewrite almost every sentence and restructured the article significantly.

I gave the same assignment to TextBoss on Thursday afternoon and I'm publishing it today. The only changes I made were to the intro, adding a couple of sentences to make it feel more personal, and a couple of heading titles.

If TB keeps up the quality I will keep ordering from them. Taylor is also very friendly and helpful.
I just ordered a few articles from TB and I got to say I'm impressed. He said he would have the articles done by the next day and it was delivered in less than 24 hours. I decided just to give him a keyword and go at it and gave a very simple outline, and I didn't even give any example URL's. What he came back with was quality work and I loved the headlines that were used. I've tried for months and months to find decent writers over at Upwork and always had some kind of problem. You honestly can't beat the combination of quality, fast turnaround, and prices that TextBoss provides. I'll be ordering many many more articles.
I'm offering a discount down to $.028 for any order of at least 100k words. I can't promise I'll offer that in the future. But if anyone wants to take advantage, now is the time. We've got some stellar reviews on this forum. I just need to keep my writers busy atm. PM me if you're interested.
I'm offering a discount down to $.028 for any order of at least 100k words. I can't promise I'll offer that in the future. But if anyone wants to take advantage, now is the time. We've got some stellar reviews on this forum. I just need to keep my writers busy atm. PM me if you're interested.
DM'd you, thanks. I can keep your writers busy.
I'm still offering this bulk discount if anyone else is interested. Reach out to me if you'd like to make a deal.
I'm once again offering a discount down to $.028 for any order of at least 100k words. I've got some elite writers with very little to work on right now. If anyone wants to take advantage of the special pricing, now is the time. I'm not sure I can always go this low. I'm just trying to keep my writers busy atm. PM me if you're interested.
I used Taylor for a big 300-article order, and the results were absolutely awesome. His writers are top-notch, and the best part is Taylor is the easiest person to work with in terms of getting your articles precisely how you need them. Highly recommended!
I used Taylor for a big 300-article order, and the results were absolutely awesome. His writers are top-notch, and the best part is Taylor is the easiest person to work with in terms of getting your articles precisely how you need them. Highly recommended!
Thanks for the great review! :-)
If anyone wants to make a bulk deal, just reach out to me. I've got tons of fantastic writers lined up.
1500-word blog post order placed.

More orders to come if the results make a good fit within my website.
Quick review. A+

As seen above I placed a "demo" order for a website of mine related to addiction and the article was very well-written, actually so well-written that I placed another order the next day.

Looking forward to a long-term content flow.
I was approached for a free review post of 1k words, and got it delivered it today.

Just had to come by and say that I was thoroughly impressed by the article I recieved.

Despite being an article for a product I didn't expect them to have subject matter expertise on, I, being a subject matter expert myself on the niche, couldn't tell the difference. They targeted all the right terms and entities despite being given limited instructions from my side (I just provided the title and subject). They even managed to include some nuances with the product that other people spoke about and was able to relate with the audience's perspective naturally.

The article didn't require any major edits except a few tweaks from my side to better target my intended audience. But, I'm sure they'd be able to nail that if I had given those details beforehand.

The most relieving part was that there weren't any basic issues like broken english, spelling errors, and sentence fragments. Coming from a country where English isn't the first language and having dabbled with some local writers here - I know what broken English looks and sounds like

All in all, I was happy with the write-up and appreciated the fast turnaround time - despite being a free article, they really seemed to prioritize the article to deliver it fast.

I definitely see myself ordering from them in the future and recommending them to others!
If anyone's in the market for amazing, human-written content, I've got some amazing writers ready to go. And if you're looking into bulk content, just reach out to me to make a deal.