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Steve Brownlie

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Nov 16, 2015
Hi all,

This isn't a client project so there isn't serious money available/probably won't be of interest to those of you who are highly paid professionals in the space, but I thought in a community this large there might be some of you who have good knowledge, but are currently not at 'senior' level and this would be a good offer for you. It's a 'personal development' mentor I'm looking for not someone to do serious work for a project at this stage.

What I'm looking for is a mentor who can help me develop in some of these areas:

- better secure and set up cloud deployed apps (eg django)
- learn code the right way - helping me with picking courses/resources etc when I'm learning something new
- deploying things to different cloud environments
- understand better what tools I should learn for future projects I have in mind
- better understand testing apps and setting up easier to maintain systems

I see this as being maybe a weekly hour long Skype call or something with you walking me through some stuff and doing the occasional screen share.

I don't have a set hourly rate in mind - it would depend I guess on how productive the hours are as I suppose some mentors might only need two hours a month with me to get the same results as others would over ten... so I'm totally open to different offers and suggestions for how to structure my learning.



BuSo Pro
Jul 30, 2015
If you have a definite project in mind, post it here or message those who are interested, including me.
Then your potential mentors can evaluate it and see if they can add value to it, as well as think of different types of arrangements which will make sense to them: hourly, result based, profit sharing, or other creative ways of doing this which will make sense to both parties.