Spinning Articles in 2018


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Sep 3, 2014
@shiftymcnab & @kizlauskas, here's an interesting thing I saw yesterday:
SEO Contest Exposes Weakness in Google’s Algorithm

A facebook group of people held a content to see who could rank for a certain term and one of them hit #1 but it was the guy that hit #2 that was the most interesting:

They ranked #2 with their content translated into Latin. This is the kind of crap I've been talking about. The algorithm is severely screwy right now.

On one hand they definitely don't handle content currently as well as we always expect. But on the other hand I know that they're getting really sophisticated. Before this rash of updates they were doing very good. Now, not so.

As far as your copied or scraped content warning on Adsense, did they give you that nice page you had written as an example of the problem? It could be that others copied your content and they made a mistake. They do make mistakes.

Once upon a time I had a substance abuse site that kept not showing ads and I got warnings about the site from the crawler, so I had to contact them and get in touch with a human. They took one look and said "yeah you're getting false positives on no-no terms. I'll whitelist your domain for you and you'll be good." And I was.

If you think what they've done was in error, hit them up and suggest that their crawler must be misunderstanding something. They got back to me within 24 hours, and I suspect it's because of how I phrased the message.
Aug 16, 2017
@Ryuzaki They did indeed provide a nice page as one of the problems. From the wording it seemed like this message was from a human, referencing “after reviewing my site”

I’ve been trying to eliminate any fuck ups or potential seemingly obvious issues I’ve missed before appealing.

I will use your approach and suggest that. Thank you.


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Nov 26, 2014
I don't know, but I think you should clarify if you care whether or not it has a certain level of uniqueness. Every one I ever saw in the past that offered uniqueness meant it was gobbledygook. If you wanted high readability then they barely spin at all, touching a few verbs and adjectives, if even that. The difference being syntax spinning, which nobody seems to have nailed on the "off the shelf" market yet and single word spinning, you know.
Yeah, I got an idea that a good spinner might be able to handle for me and still make me money.

I would love for it to be really unique, but I know what you mean by being unreadable.

I might give Spinner Cheif a spin. I bought a licence ages ago but have no clue where that might be now ( before it was cloud based ).