Post Your Battlestation [2020 Edition]


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Sep 3, 2014
If I recall correctly, the last time we did one of these was the 2015 Battlestation thread, five whole friggin years ago. Most of the pics are still up if you want to look. You gotta check out Satvrn's crib for sure. I want to drive my car into my living room too.

I figured it's time to go again, so here's my current hellscape:

I'm still rocking an iPhone 6 because it refuses to die, thus the horrible quality pic. I cleaned up the lighting a bit in Photoshop, it was much worse. I'm keeping it pretty humble right now until I move into a permanent spot soon, in which case I'm going to build a new desk and really customize the new office / studio.

I'll try to answer any questions that might arise. The monitor is an 38" Ultrawide at 3840 x 1600 resolution (I wrote about it and how to organize your screen here). It's much better than the three 24" 1080p screens I had, though it looks less cool.

That thread also happens to have my set up from around 2016 maybe, so here's the old pic:

Looks like the only thing that changed is a new location and the monitor. The keyboard is a an Ergodox I built and wrote about here. I had to solder every switch and everything, it was a pain but fun.

I have the big speaker monitors (Adam A7's) because I used to be heavy into recording and mixing. You can see my rack of some of the signal processing equipment I still use regularly enough to keep it out (on the right in the top picture). I started writing about how to improve your audio and video quality for podcasting and Youtube-ing here if you're interested.

On top of the rack I'm rocking the 2018 Mac Pro. In the rack, the silver unit with the blue lights and one pink one is my RAID storage. Three of them mirror each other and hold all the important work stuff and my media library. The right most one (pink) is a time machine capsule to create save states from the Mac Pro drive so I can always restore my set up if I get a new computer, delete something I needed, etc.

The little box under the right side of the screen with the big knob is a simply a passive monitor controller. I route my audio to it and then out to my speakers. It's a volume control basically, with a mute button and a mono button so I can drop music and video mixes to mono for a sanity check.

Share your set up and make sure to blur out anything sensitive!


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Dec 31, 2016
It's a cool battlestation.

I also want to get a 40 inch curved monitor but I don't have a dedicated office yet, so I feel like it would take too much space.