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Nov 7, 2016
t I would do if I didn't have
Nah. I have goals that wouldn't agree with that.

This may sound arrogant to some but I just know I'm a multi-millionaire future. I've been intertwined in millions before.. but i dont value money.... i value life... i've had great experiences & get sidetracked by life but i know my value.

And I'm very intuitive.

I've had a precocious talent for "creating business & recognizing trends,' since I was in elementary school through til' today.

Literally got in trouble for selling kids pictures i traced of dinosaurs.... A parent found out I was getting all the lunch money of one particular kid, so the school Principle told me I was wrong for selling at school? ?? LOL. 4 years later I was the 5th grade head of Treasury.

Middle school.... I learned the value of angling in gambling.... . i also figured out some other not so great habits where I got boxes of sports cards... Sold the cards worth great money to card shops and the less valuables, I sold as my own pcks to kids at school

By high school... forget about.. LOL

Anyhow , I've always known where to find the money... And i realized 2 things.

1) Money never disappears. It's physical. It's just about how hard we go to find it. You could have it all if you push yourself enough..... and nobody kills you b/c at certain levels it's definitely a silent war fought.

2) At Money is made by a mans hands.......... There's always others who make it. So it's really valueless..... Going broke takes 'drive' towards being ignorant just as getting rich, simply takes drive towards figuring out where to get it.

ANYHOW. Yeah, so my ideas are AMAZING.
I'm not just saying that either. I've never had an idea that flopped, which I sold to someone else.

But I've got a ton of stories where people didnt take my ideas seriously and lost tons.

- I owed Harris Publications like $5k back in like 2006..... THe CFO, I offered him some advice in exchange for clearing the debt. He told me no. I told him anyway. I said , Youtube will be a big thing of the future where millions can be made from interviews with celebs and their magazines would go obselete in time. They didn't believe me because i was young.... They missed millions of dollars literaly.

- Daymond John, shark Tank.. i tried to tell them about investing in websites and affiliate marketing about that same time... which included ecommerce & affiliate commissions... LOL fast forward to like 2017, he's finally using the idea and co-owned a tour with some guy doing drop-shipping for eBay seminars..... SMH.. Offering so much less but so much later. He could have profitted millions but again, took my youth as ignorance.

- Told people on WickedFire about YouTube being a gold mine and you could amke thousands if not millions from YouTube video ranking back in like 2009. I made an eBook about it. Users laughed at me, argued and said I was a fool. I bet 99% of those same people now use YouTube or have used it in some capacity in the exact manor i spoke of. Forgetting their own ignorance & arrogance ...

The good thing i've learned from all this.. I never want to bet he person who turns the right talent away.

Charles Floate immediately saw the use of my Google NEws service that was offered here on BUSO. He acquired the company. Smart man ... he gets it

Anybody who's not using this service now is missing a ton of money. Why?

1 - It's immediate ORAGNIC marketing b/c its' on google search within an hour usually
2 - the google links rank faster
3 - Real editorial sites grow, which means domain authority grows, which means link juice to your site... grows.. which increases your site rank NATURALLY

I've been doing this for years with Google news. Sicne at least 2005... so i know....the ins/outs well and figured out a technique to really make it work. It's not as simple as I post here... but it's legit, organic, and the eCommerce business I listed has already earned over $11k , off an investment I made of less than $1k.. in under 4 months... and my site's sales are going up as links pointing to it, increase in value with these editorial/news sites domain authority growing

I have bigger ideas to go with my project here... that i told a friend about but he never listened either. So i said I'd do it myself now since I needed to find a new directino.

His confidence was arrogance... lots of ingelligence but low intuitiveness ....

If all goes well, I'll either sell my brand to pay for house & car (goal) OR just get a multi-million deal by Christmas. We'll see.

I'm thankful though for people who see the value in what i do. That's a blessing that i do have those few who get it.... and usually they are very well off financially and buy my services immediately in bulk. Once I have the raft, I have no problem rowing my way to a new land and building a luxury boat. I'm blessed with that gift of 'creating useful business ideas & spotting trends' .