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Sep 3, 2014
Hello again! It's been exactly two weeks since I've popped in here. We've been busy... so busy, in fact, that you guys had me delivering reports on Halloween night and even Election night. I'm happy to do it, because the internet never sleeps!

Holiday Shoppers are Gearing Up!​

Speaking of special days, I'm sure you guys are aware that Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas are coming. It's go time! The consumer money is about to floooowwww!

Old ladies are putting their knitting needles down and calling all their grand-babies to get gift ideas. Gamers are going to be deciding which GPU will suit their new CPU's and RAM sticks. Musicians are upgrading and splurging. Streamers need webcams and room decorations. Parents are figuring out their budgets so they can load up under the Christmas tree (and give the credit to Santa :wonder:)

This week is the absolute latest to get in in time for "discount weekend" after Thanksgiving, and I definitely recommend ordering ASAP to get your SERPs in order for Christmas shopping. We need time to build the Boosts, so now is the time! Don't let another year pass you by. "Oh, I'll go for it next year"... You're crazy!


It ain't right for us to be dunking on other vendors as hard as we did in the last update, so this time I'll calm their nerves and just show you three over-deliveries, one of each size:


We appreciate you guys and am very glad to be working together. Any time we can over-deliver, we will. When you choose Links on Fire, you choose massive value and big success... let me show you:

Recent Results​

"Value" means nothing if that value doesn't provide results... and that's what we've got: RESULTS.


1200 Volume / KD 51
$240 Adwords CPC
5 Links + Boosts
Position 13 to 1


143,000 Volume / KD 36
Ads Not Allowed
6 Links + Boosts
Position 25 to 2


19,000 Volume / KD 43
Ads Not Allowed
4 Links + Boosts
Position 14 to 4

Ads Not Allowed = Ca$hola. Nobody can buy their way ahead of you with ads, and the average revenue per order is insane. I can't tell you what the niches are, but you'd be like "...damn. Money."

The Links... The Links are on Fire!​

We don't need no water, let the motha "hmm hmm" burn! What's burning are the SERPs, and it's scorched earth over here. Your URLs can leave a trail of destruction behind them as they climb up the rankings, leaving everyone else shell shocked, straightening out their helmets and wondering "what in the hell just happened?!?"

Links on Fire, that's what. We know what you're looking for, and that's why we're your solution:
  1. Available & Dependable
  2. Impressive Deliverables
  3. On Time, Every Time
  4. Actual Results
Stop dealing with vendors that embarrass you in front of your clients and act like they don't have the time of day to even talk to you. We're not here to blow smoke up your rear-end and play the turbo-hype game.

We operate in the real world and meet you exactly where you are to find the best URL targets and keyword candidates and move them up the SERPs. And as always, we do the work and you get the glory (and revenue!).

In about 5 minutes time you can hand-off your entire monthly link workload to us and then kick back, let out a sigh of relief, and enjoy a more relaxed pace with the rest of your work. You deserve that.

- Reach Out & Let's Talk -

email: ryuzaki [at] buildersociety [dot] com



Oct 2, 2017

When I first ordered @Ryuzaki 's links, I did it for all the rational reasons:
  • He's a trustworthy, helpful forum member.
  • The price seemed fair, especially for what it offered.
  • The results displayed in the graphs are mouth-watering.
Here's the first thing I didn't know - and only found out AFTER reaching him out.

If you have any appreciation for what he shares on the forums, you know he's thorough, detailed, focused. Dude's basically putting the same energy towards YOUR site. He analyzed my on-page SEO, anchor ratio, pagespeed, everything.

And that was before money exchanged hands!

I ordered two links to two different pages - I'm THAT guy he warns against throughout the sales thread. They've been hovering between 2nd-4th for the past few months with a bunch of so-so links.

I paid my invoice on Tuesday 12:35 PM Eastern. He PMed me at 6:18 PM Thursday, just under 30 hours later, to say that the links were already placed. (He did mention the fast TAT was atypical and he was surprised himself.) He also gave me a URL with a PDF report.

And here's the second thing I found out AFTER ordering the links.

He had a discussion with his partner, the unnamed link geek (I'm gonna call him Eraldo from now on), about the best link placement and the best anchor text. He went on in detail on how Eraldo analyzed my site and even my competition.

My order was for a couple of Molotovs from DR40+ sites. The first link has DR 56; the second, DR 50. The boost is still in progress - 2 to 3 weeks according to his estimates. And then, Google will do its thing.

The links themselves were an $800 value for my $600 investment. (That 33% extra is the cost of the corresponding higher link tier.) But what about their experience and the time they invested into my site? I can't price that. I don't know how much they charge or if they even work as consultants.


In short, Ryuzaki and Eraldo treated my site as if it were their own. THAT's a rare trait. And THAT's what made me a return customer for these links and whatever else Ryusaki decides to sell.

Review - Updated

Here's my update. As a tl;dr, I had bought two links to two separate pages. Both were hovering 2nd-4th when I placed my order.

As of last week, more or less when rankings stabilized, one of the pages ranks #1, the other #2. It's also around when they completed the link boost process.

As for what matters, my profits are 163% higher so far in Nov '20 than November-over-October '19. And I still have 11 days left of Nov '20, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and so on.

If I had to fix one thing on my experience, it would be to ask @Ryuzaki what his opinion is about how many links I'd need on each page. Instead of telling what I want, I'd ask him what I need. Now that I learned his work is more than thorough, I'd blindly trust him with my next project.

In fact, I'm going to order some more links to my personal site soon. Happy building and good profiting to all y'alls.