Introductions Thread


I'm new to the site and have my own business - a finance company in the UK. I'd love to find out which link building services on the site are the strongest. Any thoughts?
Hi All,

Jay here from Canada - I have led large and small teams as well as run companies as an entrepreneur. I recently stumbled across this site through a post on Medium and am keen to learn more. Specifically I am currently leading a marketing and lead generation team and am trying to learn as much as I can. Any useful tips, posts, links are super helpful. Thank you!

36 year-old French guy here. Like many others, I decided to say hi after browsing the forum for a while. I have had a blog for about 9 years now, working on it on an off over the years, not knowing what I was doing, and as a result only bringing around 150 to 200 dollars a month with amazon. Now this site has been hit quite badly badly by Google and the traffic keeps declining.

One and a half years ago I also decided to try building a new site on an expired domain. After adding some content, traffic was starting to increase and boom! Last Google update, traffic almost back to zero.

So to sum up, many years spent playing around this SEO thing, a lot of time and money spent following advice from gurus and gut feelings, only to get back to square one. As this is an introduction thread I will refrain from detailing my issues here, but I am hoping that with the guidance from this great community, I can maybe save my sites and take the right actions towards my goals. I will create a new thread for this.
Hey everyone!

long time lurker first-time poster. I started my first blog as a way to make some money as a broke college student, and became addicted since then with everything SEO-related. I've always wanted to have a site that could support me full time, but have not been successful yet. I have a career in SEO too, so that's been helpful with keeping up to date with trends/updates/ and stuff. Happy to be here and happy to ask/answer questions to the community.
Hey everyone!

long time lurker first-time poster. I started my first blog as a way to make some money as a broke college student, and became addicted since then with everything SEO-related. I've always wanted to have a site that could support me full time, but have not been successful yet. I have a career in SEO too, so that's been helpful with keeping up to date with trends/updates/ and stuff. Happy to be here and happy to ask/answer questions to the community.
This site is just packed with incredible info isn't it - I can't believe it took me so long to find it!
Hi everyone, I hope you're all well. After a few years scratching in the dirt to try and make money through affiliate marketing I've decided that it's time for one last try and to take massive action to make a success of this or call it a day.
Hello folks!

Golly gosh, I haven't posted on an actual forum in over a decade! Feels like the Naughties.

I've been optimizing websites for search engines for nearly 20 years now, mostly as a freelancer, but over the past 8 years I've been Head of SEO for a couple of fancy agencies. I love doing SEO but detest the agency vibe. By night I'm a cartoonist for pretend and fiddle with niche sites which do okay and bring in the extra moola. I'm currently brainstorming my next niche project, which will be my fifth.

Thank you for having me.
Hi Folks
Great to be here. It looks like a really valuable resource.

As a little introduction, I can let you all know that I'm 59 years old and have been failing at the internet marketing game for a long time.

I suppose my Amazon journey which is still ongoing is doing ok. But all the blogs, aff marketing, and dropshipping stores over the years have not returned any significant profits.

Right now I'm building up two blogs to see which shows the best potential. Roughly 50 posts spread over the two sites so far. Both are about 2-3 months old. Ezoic and Adsense are $2 a month, whoop.

Why am I doing this? Simply I hope to provide an income for myself and my family and maybe even create something I can leave behind.

I wish you all success in your endeavors.
found this forum through my good friend alex at odys. im a bhw goer mainly, but was shown some good case studies and like the smaller more focused community here.

found out about seo few years ago, did dropshipping which i lost my ass on, and several other forms of seeing what sticks with the online money making field.

sold my first site for 6 figures last year, which created for one helluva life change as i was on food stamps, injured, and maxed out on cc to pay my workers. site sold on my birthday.

lived on that money for a while went close to broke.

so now i am back and currently scaling as hard as i can until i either get evicted and put on the street or the cc and loan companies come after me, or i make it big
Great story lifehero. Congrats on the sale especially on your birthday.

I too am a BHWer from way back. I think this forum is more genuine business focused, rather than quick win hacks found over there. That's not to say that some contributors aren't putting out good stuff but the quality here is outstanding.

Check out

Digital Strategy Crash Course

on the home page. Engaging stuff.

Good luck with it all.
Hi everyone,

I’m French (I have the feeling that there are a lot of other French people here too) and I'm 26 years old. I've been interested in SEO and its various uses for a while.

As proof, I am registered since 2018 on this forum.

However, besides the small blogs I started when I was 15, I never dared to start a website. I think it's related to a mix of fear and time spent mostly on my studies. So, I've got a small base of theoretical SEO knowledge, but not any practical one.

I noticed over the years that I love to write and need to be involved in building a project.

Today, I plan to launch myself and be able to evolve with BUSO. I am happy to join this community and wish to contribute at my modest level.

Thank you!
Salut, andemol. Good to see you taking the plunge - I am sure you will find that you learn far more when you get your hands dirty than when you read the theory.
Hi everyone,

I started my SEO journey in 2005, just out of high school.

The first business was an attempt at a web design franchise. Failed.

The second business was a directory of law firms. Failed.

But this led me to start an SEO agency for lawyers.

Grew that company to 30 employees. Achieved a prominent standing in the INC 5000. Sold that agency in 2020.

Took the SEO knowledge I had gained and started a health supplement company.

Grew that company to 7-figures per month in our 8th month of business. We now have 21 employees.

I run a small agency and an underground CTR marketing network which improves our client's CTR, which in turn improves their rankings. I've helped clients this year rank first page in Google for the following terms with this tactic:
  • chicago personal injury attorney
  • louisville personal injury lawyer
  • austin personal injury attorney
  • white collar crime lawyer
  • search engine optimization consultant
  • link building services
  • ecommerce seo
  • pinterest marketing agency
  • white label web design
  • CBD tincture
  • And hundreds of other keywords....
None were on the first page of Google when we started. Most now rank top three.

I'm excited to join this community and add value where I can.

- Capt. Black Fin
I just realized that I have forgotten to post the introduction thread when I registered so here it is.
Hello Everybody

Am a kinda veteran in SEO I do it for about 16+ years, along with expanding my knowledge constantly in other areas of marketing (there is always something new to learn)

I see some nice knowledgable people here which is wonderful to learn more and exchange ideas.
Hello everyone!

I'm a Web3 writer, but I've been involved in quite a few online ventures. For the past year, I've been building an informational site that I aim to sell for 6-figures on my 28th birthday. It's currently earning $1k a month, but it's growing at a rapid rate.

Excited to get involved with the experts here :wink:
Hey Buds,
(forgot to introduce myself)

I'm here in the states (Florida) and have been in business for 20+ yrs. I first tried PPC back in 90's but the click prices were outrageous and quickly dropped that.

For my business, direct mail and B-T-B was more efficient.___That was then, this is now. I want to get into more states...and everything points to 'Digital Mkt'.

I'm here to learn and share...Thanks for your input~

Hi everyone,

I've been here for awhile absorbing as much knowledge as I can. I just realized I hadn't introduced myself like everyone else. So here we go.

I'm a noob in the IM space having been in it for just over a year. I sold my first site a few months ago for $1000+ and reinvested most of it in a new site in a different niche.

I have a day job (took the advice some of you guys gave me) and only work on my site part time.

I'm here to learn and hopefully become as successful as some of the veterans here like Mr.Media, Ryuzaki and CCarter.

I'm a new member here.
Found this forun from reddit.
Looks like a lot of interesting information here.
Hello BuilderSociety,
22-year-old student and hustler here.

I found BuSo through randomness and luck while researching online marketing.

Though I have some experience with SEO and copywriting, it's nothing to write home about.

I am a complete noob in building, scaling, and selling web assets.

My primary purpose here is simple - learn how to create profitable websites.

Normally, Im a lurker but I decided to post here and start my own case study down the road to be more accountable.

This whole forum is a goldmine, and the only thing keeping me back right now is myself. I get overexcited and suffer from paralysis by analysis.

When it comes to interests, Im passionate about movement in all forms, nutrition, human thinking and biases, and pharmacology to a very limited extent.

That's it for now, thanks for having me and for all the value BuSo provides.

P.S.: just started the Digital Strategy Crash Course and having a blast.

I'm a long time lurker that has enjoyed this forum for a long time now.

I've been in the industry for 10+ years at this point doing various things from starting as a programmer and transitioning into the affiliate marketing space.

Like others, I suffer from too much reading and not enough execution so my goal is to change that and apply more action. The first step is to start.

Excited to be here! I run marketing for start-up by day and run a portfolio of websites in my off-hours. Looking forward to learning a lot and contributing back as well.

Hi ,

I joined here in 2017, but it took me 5 years to post my introduction. I was busy in my job and struggling to make my online business a success. In 2019, I changed gears and entered into the field of paid back links. This (paid backlinks) is a big world where all kinds of manipulations keep happening. People create sites for solely guest posting purpose, increase their DA & DR through artificial means and then sell those Guest posts. Then some people use link injection to add hidden links on sites by hacking them. On positive sites, there are genuine persons who only do the quality work of link building by genuine outreach. It is satisfying to see the client's websites go up in the organic search rankings.

Apart from my small link building/ niche edit work which I do with a tiny outreach team, I also write on my blog (at present rebuilding it). I am a tech lover and love to explore things related to computers, android apps, SEO and marketing in general. I love to read books (all non-fiction ) to keep increasing my knowledge on various subjects of my liking.

I sincerely hope to be a regular here from now.

just learned about affiliate marketing and found this site,excited to start my journey

I have good backend skills i.e. wordpress hosting,server management but no website building/marketing skills
Hi BuSo Folks, I am new here today. Just try to do my intro. Doing SEO since 2010 and still learning new things daily. I came across to this SEO forum for learning from SEO dudes here that will increase my knowledge.

Working in a Software firm as digital specialist and a father of 1 princess. Hope People don't mind sharing knowledge with me. Lets start networking and fun together.
Was talking to a friend on BHW who mentioned about BuSo (as you guys refer to it) and I was literally hooked to some of the posts made by @Ryuzaki

Looking forward to learning some interesting stuff here.