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Jun 15, 2014
Builder Society welcomes all members to use the Human Resources area, free of charge, as a bulletin board to post For Hire & Wanted Ads for other members to answer.

Please keep the following four items in mind before getting started:
  1. Read the Marketplace Guidelines.
  2. You may only post threads in order to make requests. Selling is reserved for the Marketplace.
  3. You will not be able to respond by posting in the threads or by sending private conversations until you've met the engagement requirements for new members.
  4. These requests naturally expire. Don't spam PM's to people 6 months after they opened their thread, asking if they still need help. If a thread is locked, there is no longer a need.
We recommend that both parties protect themselves in the manner described in the Marketplace Guidelines, which include checking each other's reputations and reading past transaction reviews when possible, on BuSo or elsewhere.

Members should not post their private contact information or domains publicly in these threads, reserving such details for private conversations. Only reveal these details after both parties are comfortable with each other.

Vendors are not to use the Human Resources section as a sly way to bypass the Marketplace. Your responses in these threads should not be an advertisement for your business, but a means to establish contact or to seek or offer clarification.

There will be times when the current vendors in the Marketplace are not offering what you need or you have very specific or unique requirements where it is better to hire someone individually. Please use the following examples to understand what is allowed in the Human Resources area.

Good Examples:
  • Requesting a logo graphic design.
  • Seeking a Wordpress developer.
  • Finding an industry-specific content writer.
  • Outsourcing to a virtual assistant.
  • Hiring to fill permanent positions.
  • Contests to pre-qualify candidates (explain your goal to a moderator before posting a contest).
Thread titles should explicitly state what is needed. As much relevant information as possible should be included in the body of the post. Reserve private information for private conversations.

Bad Examples:
  • Advertising to sell or promote anything.
  • Phishing for information on other's websites and niches.
  • Contests designed to generate leads or gain benefits without compensation.
  • Vague details, secrecy, or requiring immediate off-site involvement.
Any attempts, purposeful or accidental, to bypass these guidelines will result in an immediate deletion of the thread. Any users who witness abuse are asked to use the report button.
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