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Jun 15, 2014
Builder Society welcomes you to take part in our Marketplace as both a vendor and a customer. To help ensure that all purchases and sales are conducted with a win/win principle in mind, we ask all participating members to read the current post in full.

Builder Society's Marketplace is an advertising platform only. All transactions occur between you and the other party. Builder Society intervention is rarely needed thanks to the following guidelines, which all participants agree to by conducting business here.

Buyers - Please Read
Please keep in mind that each seller works independently of Builder Society.

The variety of offerings present may vary in quantity, quality, price, and turn-around-time. This means that you should read the sales thread carefully to make sure it aligns with your expectations.

We make every possible effort to screen sellers and their services, reviewing their sales copy to ensure there are no impossible, misleading, or vague offers. We do not take review copies prior to launch, period. We do check their established history, when possible. Some vendors are new, though, and deserve a chance as well.
If a vendor is listed in the marketplace, that is not an explicit endorsement by Builder Society or the moderators. It simply means they passed our 'history check' or, as new vendors in the industry, did not set off any red flags.
We will investigate all claims of bad business. However, it is always up to the buyer to understand what they're purchasing.

You should also take care to ensure that the seller has a reputation of being trustworthy and honest. Ways to accomplish this are to:
  • Read the reviews in his or her current sales thread here (and elsewhere, where possible).
  • Check his or her trader rating and reputation on other forums.
  • Don't be afraid to speak to other BuSo members about their experiences, either.
In the rare event that you're unhappy with a purchase made here, the first step is to let the seller know, and to give them a chance to fix it. If they fail to do so, please feel free to contact a moderator and to leave appropriate feedback for the seller (contact a moderator to do so anonymously if needed, and be ready to provide very thorough evidence). If necessary, take advantage of the protections offered by your payment processor. Our vetting process, combined with the value of having a strong reputation here, makes it very unlikely that things will ever have to escalate to this point.

Let the community know of every good, so-so, and less than good experience so we can all help each other rise to the top by encouraging quality vendors and creating a reputation of excellence here in the Builder Society Marketplace.

To help you browse the Marketplace, we have "prefixes" that will allow you to filter the Marketplace by type of product/service. To use them, click on a prefix and you'll see the page be refreshed, filtering out all non-relevant threads. To remove the filter, click on it at the top of the thread listings, as pictured below:


Please be mindful that all of the rules for users still apply in the Marketplace. If you want to see a review sample, send the vendor a private message, don't ask in the thread. Don't post just to say "Ordered". It always boils down to not littering the forum. If your post doesn't contribute in some fashion, then it belongs in a private conversation or you can use the like button.

Sellers - Please Read
Builder Society welcomes all sellers of quality goods and services. We ask you to keep the following in mind.

We want you to build success here, which means creating a strong reputation for yourself and representing Builder Society in a positive light through your offerings. Please respect your buyer's expectations by fulfilling all orders as described in your sales copy. This means providing top-notch quality, at the price listed, fulfilled in the time frame stated, with timely customer contact.

To help manage expectations, we will be going over your sales copy with you before the thread is approved. If you want to be lazy and write low effort copy, we won't fight you over it, but be prepared to answer hard questions and/or be roasted by the users. The users have extremely high expectations, justifiably so.

In the Buyers section, we discussed what to do if the buyer encounters a difficult seller. On the flip side, you as the seller may run into a buyer that is unreasonable. Please feel free to leave a warning in your own thread to help protect the community from these types. Contact a moderator if the situation is extremely absurd. Remember, you can always choose to not work with or refund an order from someone who seems like trouble.

You are only advertising on the Builder Society Marketplace. You must provide your own means of payment processing, order tracking, and fulfillment.

We understand some offers require an air of privacy for the protection of your buyer's and your own assets, such as blog network posts. This is understandable and allowed. We do not, however, allow vague or concealed offers that do not reasonably state what it is being offered. The buyer should never have to take a leap of faith and trust you. Your offer must speak for itself. An interested buyer should not have to leave our Marketplace to obtain all the information needed to make a buying decision.

Builder Society reserves the right to edit, delete, or deny any seller the ability to sell through the Marketplace.

Seller Thread Guidelines:
  1. Restricted Niches - You are not allowed to overtly promote adult or pharma services. If your service can accommodate them (like content writing or link selling) that is fine, but the sole purpose cannot be aimed at these verticals, nor can obscene or racy images related to them be used in your sales copy.
  2. Thread Titles - Thread titles must include the name of the service/product or be descriptive of what is being offered. Thread titles may contain only letters, numbers, punctuation, and common symbols (-, +, &, $, !, @, %, etc.). Brackets, parentheses, and pipes are fine. Asterisks, Emojis, strings of symbols, ALL CAPS, and any other attempts to draw extra visual attention are not allowed.
  3. Sales Copy - The body of your opening post must include 1) a clear description of what is being sold, 2) the price for each package, 3) a turn-around-time statement, 4) and a contact method (email, Skype, Website, etc.) for lurkers. If your prices and TAT's vary due to custom packages, it is enough to mention that fact, but you must deal with each of these four items in some fashion. Vague or concealed offers are not allowed, nor is "contact bait" where you don't give out key information in order to force people to contact you.
  4. Bumping - We ask thread starters to not bump more than once per day. Do not artificially manipulate the bumping of your thread by asking friends to reply, or baiting users into replying (examples: "Post here if you want a coupon." or "Post here to join the waiting list"). This form of abuse is unfair to all other sellers and will ultimately result in the loss of your advertising privileges on BuSo. Of course, if any user posts in your thread, feel free to respond if needed and provide great customer service.
  5. Prefixes - Your thread will be manually assigned a prefix from one of the following groups: Content, Software, Design, Links, Marketing, Development, or Consulting. If you feel your thread has been miscategorized, please send a moderator a private message.
Regarding Negative Reviews:
Your thread is your responsibility. It is your choice on how you decide to handle your customer service.

Unless you have absolute, definitive proof that someone is either lying or has posted with the sole purpose to sabotage your thread, we cannot and will not delete negative reviews. To do otherwise would erode confidence and trust in you as a seller and in the marketplace as whole, which is unfair to other vendors and to Builder Society.

These are all insufficient reasons for deleting a negative review and we won't respond to queries about it: 1) You decided to argue with a customer publicly and regret it. 2) You don't like that you had a dissatisfied customer who left you a legitimate but negative review. 3) You don't like that a misunderstanding occurred. 4) You have a gut feeling it's a saboteur.

If you come with a legitimate complaint about a poster in your thread, please be as articulate as possible describing the issue, using quotes where possible, and provide proof of payment or proof a payment never occurred, and proof that the person isn't who they say they are and they are who you think they are, etc.

How to Open a Thread
In order to open a sales thread in the Marketplace, you first need to obtain pre-approval. That link takes you to the contact form where you can email the administration with a description of your service. Please include a brief description (including links to existing threads, testimonials, or landing pages as applicable) of your product or service. We will perform due diligence and get back to you as soon as possible.

If approved, you will be directed to a private sub-forum where you can prepare your sales copy, editing until you are content. A moderator will confirm you have included the requested information. At that point you'll visit the Upgrades tab at the top of the forum and set up a subscription or one-time payment, and we'll move your thread to the live Marketplace.
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