Goals For 2015

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Sep 3, 2014
I want to return here and reflect on the goals I set at the start of 2015. It's amazing how quickly things change. My goals were centered around "Oh man, I'm starting over again..." I quickly escaped that.

Continue to Develop a Web Design Portfolio and Snag More Clients
I abandoned this altogether after building sites for 3 or 4 clients. The cash from that, along with other projects coming to fruition let me switch the focus back to asset building, which is the road to riches. Working for others flat out sucks and doesn't scale.

Get the new non-off-page real marketing authority site earning and gaining momentum
Done in a big way, I feel. The fattest seed was planted and fed the best nutrients and covered in prime soil. In 2016, it sprouts and blossoms.

Continue to drop fat percentage. Learn more about nutrition and up cardio in addition to the current weight lifting
Done. I locked in a 3-5x a week (fluctuated) gym and cardio schedule. Dropped from 240 lbs down to 220 lbs (lowest was 212 lbs but added muscle). I'm no stranger to this, it's been a lifelong lifestyle but I fell off the wagon twice since early high school. At the end of high school and start of college I rocked a six pack and weighed as little as 160 lbs (sickly looking but did it for wrestling). I've added on a ton of muscle. I think a reasonable weight goal will be around 190 lbs, maybe 200 lbs depending on if I choose to bulk a little more.

Ended up learning some about macro's, food prep, intermittent fasting, etc. Didn't care that much, because action is more important than knowledge for me when it comes to food. I just need discipline. I have a philosophy of only making one major life discipline change at a time (or it all comes crashing down for me). This year will be diet now that exercise is locked in.

Become extremely disciplined in terms of waking and sleeping, eating, socializing, and grinding.
Ummm... waking and sleeping was a no-go. I snooze a lot because I enjoy the wacky dreams that come out of snoozing every 8 minutes. I used to practice lucid dreaming and use psychedelics and I meditate. I just like weird mind stuff. I need to give up the snoozing. It ruins my entire sleep schedule. I mentioned food above. Socializing, eh, I don't even care. I want this money. Grinding, I'm doing good, never really been an issue. It's in my blood. An entire side of my family is all about "working hard, not smart" (aka grinding). There's even a term for it they use about being a "plow mule." I was raised this way so grinding isn't ever an issue.

I have new big goals now for 2016 to focus on, which some of these 2015's carry over, and some are completed forever!
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