Easiest tool for Vol, Articles, Allintitle, competition metrics?

Jul 18, 2021
I run a site at over 1k a month now and I've managed pretty well for research using a variety of free tools.

I tend to find keywords in a bunch of words, then find the estimated volume with a couple of free tools, do allintitle searches, do a regular search for volume of results, then I add all of this to a spreadsheet that calculates a couple of possible Keyword Golden Ratios (I keep the max 250 in mind but really I just like having all the data so I can make decisions.

I also use a few other free tools scrape other sites for estimates searches/pageviews, find their backlinks e.t.c

I don't really monitor my search results though a tool as I tend not to later articles if they go up or down - though I do look at articles that don't do well at all.

I'm at the point where i'm considering ahrefs or semrush - would these tools add some of the missing data like actual results volume or allintitle volume, and do they have good bulk keyword checking for these metrics.? I've taken a look at Keywords everywhere but it doesn't seem to have the metrics laid out.

$100 a month bites a bit though. I could do the trials over and over but I can't really be assed with the time sink of it.

I am interested in bulk keyword searching too. Any help would be appreciated.

As for any question on how my site works. Keyword research, write really good articles myself at the amount of works that a good answer requires, simple lay out on site, pagespeed is very important, organic backlinks and some social stuff, a few backlinks I've researched from competitors and have a decent list of where to get them, and I make about half and half on ads (ezoic) and affiliate.


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Sep 3, 2014
@geffft, I'm not aware that Ahrefs nor Semrush offer the allintitle numbers. You may double check but I've never seen it, and I'd hate for you to sign up for a big monthly bill and it not have what you want.

Ahrefs has a keyword volume metric that's far more granular that any other source I've seen, but that doesn't mean it's accurate either. It just means they're buying their clickstream data from a different source than other. It seems accurate enough to help me make bulk decisions and get on with my life. And yes, you can do bulk checking, export data to CSV's or whatever you want.

You may get more use out of @secretagentdad's tools, some of which are free. These all link to his marketplace threads:
What isn't free has an alacarte token-based credit system, so it may end up being much cheaper for you than the heftier alternatives that don't even offer what you're looking for, and a ton extra.