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Jun 15, 2014

Hello, Builders!

It's time for another State of BuSo Address. For those that aren't aware, every once in a while one of the moderators will address the forum users about what's going on or regarding some changes being made and where we the path is taking us in the future.

Here are the past addresses or announcements, in case you're interested:
And with the same kind of time gap between addresses, here goes the next!

Two New Subforums

Today, I wanted to make a short announcement about two new forum sections you probably already noticed by the time you read this:

Our philosophy on adding sub-forums has been simple: There needs to be a demand and there needs to be conversation happening already on the topic. That holds true for the Foundry but not yet the Studio.

Let me discuss these one at a time:

Foundry - Graphic and Web Design
Before any other forum sections were rolled out, this was the first one suggested, as far back as early 2015. It exists specifically to talk about graphic design and web design, both in direct relation to the visual and creative aspects of those disciplines.

If we're talking about creating infographics for the purpose of marketing, we'd post that in the Marketing sub-forum. If we're talking about how to deal with photoshop or the organization of the info or data on the infographics, we'd put that in the Foundry.

Same goes for web design: if it's about coding it up, we'd put that in DevOps. If it's about the visual design, color choices, box shadows, or any other visual or creative element of it, we'd put that in the Foundry.

Studio - Audio and Video Production
We haven't been asked for this yet, but anyone reading this has already realized how critical A/V is these days. Between podcasts getting 8- and 9-figure deals and YouTube creators earning just as much... it's obvious we need this. YouTube remains the second largest search engine.

With smart phones, tablets, smart wireless ear pods... people are consuming more audio and video content than ever. We all need to be incorporating these into our marketing practices.

If you have a technical question concerning equipment, software, editing, etc., or if you want to start a thread on the creative side of sound effects, visual effects, scene transitions, or anything similar, the Studio is the place to do it.

Hopefully having both of these new subforums available will inspire more conversations on those topics, since they're both critical and becoming increasingly more so as the years roll by.

If you're well-versed in any of these new subforum areas, share some knowledge! Become the resident expert and offer it up as a service. The world is yours for the taking.

These are the final two subforums that will appear as a main forum on BuSo. We've covered all necessary high-level topics that can absorb anything else. Look, ma, we made it!

Digital Strategy Crash Course - Expansion Packs

Some of you guys may have unsubscribed from the newsletter and missed the little mini-event that happened a few weeks back. When we first rolled out the Digital Strategy Crash Course it was 30 Days of Mayhem. Even with 30 threads there were still gaps we wanted to fill in and made the promise in Day 30 (Continuing Your Education) that we'd release some expansions packs.

The first of those packs was released, featuring 5 new days of study and knowledge absorption. Those are:
Each one of those has something to teach you, no matter who you are. They cover a range of topics that we'll all encounter in our work online, so when you find the time, please give them a read and apply the actionable info within. Boost your bottom line! There's no excuse, it's all there actually being spoon fed this time around.

Where Are We Going?

Without going into detail, there are some plans in place for the next phase of providing value and keeping BuilderSociety the highest quality forum in the industry, if not online in general.

I've been cooking up a concept that's had to wait until the time was right that involves working with the best companies in the industry, big or small, to provide you guys with exclusive discounts and/or bonuses if you need their services. Expect that to happen in the next phase.

I'm also toying with the idea of welcoming moderators on a per-subforum basis. Right now, @Ryuzaki and @CCarter act as super moderators, meaning they manage the entire forum.

But with future moderators, we'd ask them to concern themselves with only one subforum (and limit moderation abilities to that section). Of course, we want that person to be passionate and knowledgable about that niche of our industry so that they can regularly create new threads, teach, respond in conversations, and make connections and friends that will benefit their own business.

There's also an idea being kicked around of a new Boot Camp eventually when this person frees up enough time to run it, because it'll be quite a doozy if I'm understanding it right...

There's more. More expansion packs. More features. More ideas. And most importantly, more sharing and working together so we all pop out the other end fulfilling our dreams, backed by truckloads of money.


Please feel free to give us any feedback you've been wanting to mention, or your ideas or concerns with anything mentioned above.


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Jan 29, 2015
Good to see expansion in the cards.

Cheers to a blow out year with lots of new opportunities.


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Nov 7, 2016

Great ideas. I thought there could be an emphasis on like an 'incubation area' for newbies that's a little more multi-level
Nov 18, 2014
Just here to say thanks.