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Update after 1 YEAR

The link is still up. If it is still up for a year - presumably - it will be up forever. Thank you.
Great service right here. @wikibum was very communicative and answered everything fully. We went back and forth on what the ideal strategy was, and ended up going with his recommendation. I'm very happy with the link. 45 days+ and still alive. Highly recommended

Link is active for more than 35 days. @wikibum was very kind to guide me on what to do to make the link sticks. Very professional and great service. Definitely come back to him if I need more wiki links.

Update after 1 YEAR

The link is still up. If it is still up for a year - presumably - it will be up forever. Thank you.

Thank you all for the reviews. I appreciate you taking the time to keep this updated so others know we are the real deal.
Wikibum really went out of his way to find the best pages for my websites. Very thorough and detailed. Found me some great pages, which are still live. Highly recommended. Awesome job!
Thank you for all the support and trust in 2023. Wishing everyone a healthy and happy 2024!
Looking back at 2023 and all the links we have done. Our success rate for links that stick longer than 30 days is 95%. Our success rate for links that stick longer than 3 months is 90% and 6 months is 85%. I think that is pretty damn good overall and shows you that we are not just adding random links to random articles. We weigh all our risks (looking at 15 different factors, from Wikipedia on page stats to off page relevance) and make sure to get a backlink that will most probably stick long term.

If you have any questions about Wikipedia - don't hesitate to DM me.
Don't let Wikipedia scare you. We have plenty of experience and friends on there that make it easy for us to provide you with transparent and honest advice. If you have any questions about Wikipedia (whether it be pages or links), let me know and I will make sure to give you an honest recommendation.
Fun fact about Wikipedia. They have been trying to increase the number of women editors for a while. Most editors are males and unfortunately a lot of them act like dooshes most of the time.

One way they are doing that is by running "edit-a-thons".

Have you heard of "edit-a-thons"? Edit-a-thons are events where groups of Wikipedia editors, ranging from novices to experts, gather together (either virtually or in person) to collaboratively edit and improve Wikipedia entries on specific topics. These events often focus on underrepresented subjects or aim to correct biases within Wikipedia, such as increasing the representation of women, minority groups, and topics from the Global South.
Have you every heard of the "Recent Changes Patrollers"? These guys are the ones responsible for reviewing recent changes and probably the most hated group by SEO'ers, since they revert so many edits that are obviously meant for SEO.

They monitor new and modified content to ensure accuracy and to prevent vandalism. This rapid-response team plays a crucial role in maintaining the reliability and up-to-dateness of Wikipedia, making it one of the most current information sources available online.

You can't really get around this group. You just have to be smart enough to make meaningful edits. That's why we have a great success rate.

At the end of the day, the more educated you are about Wikipedia's inner workings, the better your chances of getting a link to stick is.
Wikipedia is renowned for its comprehensive internal linking, which connects various articles within the site through hyperlinks on keywords and phrases relevant to other entries. This extensive network of internal links serves several purposes, including enhancing user navigation and enriching the informational value of articles. However, it also has implications for search engine optimization, albeit indirectly.

If you are going to follow an internal link structure strategy - check out how Wikipedia has its internal link structures built. However, for your own site, you should a better job than Wikipedia, because in many circumstance noob editors add internal links to pages that add no value to the reader so just keep that in mind when you're building your own internal links.
Announcing "Wikipedia-Ready" articles!

I've noticed a high demand for regular Wikipedia link placements from many of our clients, who often require one or two links each month.

However, a common challenge has been the lack of suitable content on their websites that aligns well with the Wikipedia pages we identify as most beneficial for their specific niches.

To address this issue effectively, I've equipped two of my skilled content writers with the necessary training to craft "Wikipedia-Ready" articles.

This approach minimizes the usual back-and-forth discussions regarding the adequacy of a websites existing content or the need for its modification, facilitating a smoother operation for all parties involved.

While I remain open to linking to pre-existing articles, this new strategy offers a viable solution for clients who either lack Wikipedia-compatible content or have exhausted their website's linkable content resources.

I am excited to offer you the opportunity to test our Wikipedia-Ready content.

Each piece of content is original, tailored for Wikipedia's standards, spans over 1200 words, and comes fully fact-checked and prepared for immediate upload. The cost for each article is $120.

Let me know if you have any questions
While most are familiar with Wikipedia in English or other major languages, the platform actually hosts editions in over 300 languages, including several that are considered endangered: or have very few speakers. This makes Wikipedia not just a repository of human knowledge but also a digital space for linguistic preservation.

I am saying this because If you have a multi lingual website, it might be a good idea to get links from the different language editions.

Not to mention the moderators are different so chances of stickiness improves ;-)
Thought I would share some less known "interesting" facts about Wikipedia here to educate you about the platform and hopefully give you some ideas on what you can do on your own website.

Wikipedia has a "Dead-End Pages" feature. These articles that don't link to other Wikipedia articles, which can create a bit of an informational culdesac for readers who are used to diving deeper into related topics through internal links. These pages are somewhat of an anomaly on Wikipedia, given the platform's emphasis on a richly interlinked ecosystem of knowledge.

If you have any pages like that on your website, you should def add internal links from them or add content to them to create internal linking opportunities.
Happy Thursday BUSO!

Another fun fact about Wikipedia.

Did you know there are "hidden categories"? Unlike the usual categories that are visible at the bottom of a Wikipedia page and help readers find related topics, hidden categories are not visible to the average reader.

They are used primarily for maintenance and administrative purposes rather than for content navigation.

Hidden categories include pages that need additional references, articles requiring cleanup, or pages with specific maintenance issues. They are essential tools for Wikipedia editors and administrators to manage the vast amount of content on the site and keep the encyclopedia accurate and up-to-date.

To view these hidden categories on a Wikipedia page, you need to adjust your user settings. This feature is mainly used by editors to track, organize, and improve articles, showing the behind-the-scenes work that goes into maintaining the integrity of the information on Wikipedia.
In today's fun facts about Wikipedia. Did you know that there are pages called the "Lamest edit wars" pages

These pages highlight some of the most trivial/dumbest disputes over Wikipedia content and how even minor details can become the subject of intense debate among editors.

Its pretty funny:

They even have "Guidelines on how to create lameness" on that page!
I am feeling generous and just glad that we finally got to prove that Google has been bull shitting us for a very long time so ONLY FOR THE MONTH OF JUNE you can get a Wikipedia link for $40 off, so $320 instead of $360 with the same guarantee and quality!

If you are existing client (or you got a link in the past from me), then the price goes down to $300.
One lesser-known about Wikipedia is the existence of a "Wikipedia Article Traffic Statistics" tool called Pageviews Analysis.

This tool allows you to see detailed statistics on how many times a specific Wikipedia page has been viewed over a given period. It provides insights into the popularity of articles, trends in user interest, and even the impact of external events on the traffic to certain pages.

It's great if you want to understand which topics are currently trending or how certain events influence behavior on the platform.
Who knows about "WikiLove"?

We gotta get some BUSOLove going on.

So.. Wikipedia has its own internal currency called "WikiLove." WikiLove is a feature that allows Wikipedia editors to send each other virtual awards, like barnstars, kittens (off-course kittens!), and other tokens of appreciation for their contributions.

This system is designed to promote goodwill and recognize the efforts of volunteers who improve the encyclopedia. WikiLove can be accessed through a heart icon at the top of user talk pages, making it easy for editors to spread positivity within the community. Despite not being widely known outside of dedicated editors, WikiLove plays a crucial role in maintaining a supportive and collaborative environment on Wikipedia.

I don't get much WikiLove on Wikipedia lol. Send kittens!
Not sure if I posted about this before, but if you're in for a laugh, check out this page:

Sometimes Wikipedians argue over the dumbest shit, hence why guaranteeing links to stick forever is impossible. You never know when you might get a moderator in an argumentative mood or worse, just blatantly reverting edits for the f of it.
Bought a link here. Good site topic placement. Simple process and great communication. Wikibum delivered as expected. Thank you!