Why am I ranking nr. 1 for this "Cheap" keyword

Dec 31, 2016
Since the last update a week ago, I am now ranking first for a "cheap widgets" keyword.

Metrics on the keyword:

10-100 searches (GKT)
$ 0.5 - $ 2 estimated bid

I realize this seems like it's very easy, but this is not the .com internet and different rules apply. I would say it is on the easy to medium difficulty, but what is important is that I'm the only non-ecommerce ranking for this, despite being outranked elsewhere by my usual competition. I think it strongly speaks to User Intent and Rankbrain.

My landing page:

400 words
Product feed search engine

What could be the case here?

I think:

I show number of products "showing 1 to 20 of 500+ products". Having price and brand names for a number of thematically related products and brands. I show them all, the other ecommerce only show a few. I think Google understands that I have a product search page.

Is this at all surprising or interesting?


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Sep 3, 2014
I think you answered it to a degree. Google determines if a page matches the searcher's intent for the query. Search around for queries that include the words Best, Cheap, Top, Reviews, and you'll see that the intent isn't to shop. It's an educational query that's suited for long-form content and not a listing of eCommerce products.

In your case it sounds like you fit that intent "concept" better than a pure eCommerce site, even though your page seems to be a hybrid of the two.

Think about what Google would look for to match the intent of a Best or Cheap list... a batch of content at the top and then a listing of products, maybe in a table, an ordered or unordered list, with or without accompanying content for each item.

If that page isn't optimized for the query, it sounds like you could produce a page directly crafted for that query and take an even higher spot.