Watching this guy pitch a FB ad targeting tool and something doesn't make sense

Jul 26, 2016
This dude is demoing ConnectWhatever and it's like if you type in the interest "Fishing" it suggests dozens of more specific interest that you can target. That's exactly what I've been trying to do, but so far I can't figure out any way to actually create an ad that uses that kind of detailed targeting, I'm only able to select the interests that FB provides.

What am I missing? How does this guy's tool actually run ads targeting these super specific audiences?

I'm looking into the Marketing API, and I'm also looking for any documentation FB might publish about the Ad Manager and just how FB ads work in general, most of what I see on is kind of lightweight... so suggestions for good documentation are welcome as well.

Thanks everyone!

Or just let me know that this guys is somehow full of shit, but idk it appears legit, I think I'm just missing some vital info.

>Add this interest by name and id to a targeting spec, where path is the path of this interest in ads tools.

^^ from the FB docs, so his tool must be using some other variable, or he has his own huge data base of custom audiences that they've built or something.

any other ideas?


BuSo Pro
Apr 2, 2015
I can't seem to find the original video and article where I found a way to use facebook API to dig for interests, but I found this video, where he explains the same thing:

Full disclosure, I didn't watch this whole video, I just saw that the results he got were the same as I was getting before.

When you run the homemade Facebook APP, it basically returns a JSON file in text format with all related intests.