Trying to track conversions using Google Analytics

Jan 13, 2017
Hi - I am trying to accomplish something but I only have access at the moment to google analytics and tag manager.
Im trying to do some conversion rate optimization accorss a signup process.

The process is

  1. Someone comes to the site
  2. They click one of 2 register buttons
  3. A litebox popup appears over the page which they fill in their details on
  4. They click to submit details in the lightbox
  5. They go to a confirm page
All buttons have a unique idenifier at the moment and we are tracking clicks to the different regiseter buttons in step 2 at the moment as an event

Is there a way to make a visual funnel of the sign up process? So I can see that 50% of site visitors come to the page and click signup but then only 10% of them click to submit details on the next form.

Im trying to work out the best way to map all this out so I can do some cro? Thanks


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May 24, 2015

Yes, there is! You should setup a goal with a funnel! The funnel will help you visualize what is happening. Screenshot below.

Be careful when using the Required option though, because that would mean a user MUST enter through step 1 for the funnel to work. I would suggest you leave that off for now, or setup 2 different goals. It would be the same goal (having the same destination URL), but one with a required funnel and another with a non required funnel.

Enabling 'Required' means that in order for a conversion to be reported in the Funnel report, the user MUST view step 1 page before they view the conversion page. If they don't, then they will not count in the funnel visualization.

The goal destination would be the final confirm page obviously. The funnel steps will be the different steps a user is taking before they get to the conversion page.

From the flow you mentioned, I would recommend you setup events that fire a "virtual pageview" on each of the steps. For example, when the popup open, you can fire a virtual pageview and call it - popup screen. You can then use that URL in your funnel.

Based on your flow. Here is how I would do it:

Step 1: Homepage (not required)
Step 2: Clicked On Register Btn (Event)
Step 3: Popup Screen (Virtual Page View)

To take it a step further and help you understand what users are doing on the popup screen. (Maybe the form is too long? or issues with one of the field options). You can fire an event every time someone clicks into the field options. For example, when someone clicks to fill in their Name - you fire an event. Same goes for all other fields. Then you can make a new funnel with those events and figure out if you need to make the form smaller or trouble shoot other areas that might be affecting conversions.

I haven't messed around with GA for a while, but you can also check out the events flow button on the sidebar. That should give you clues and help you visualize events as well. Screenshot below

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