The share your site in secret to get feedback in public thread

Nov 5, 2014
For this thread, site owners can describe their site and request criticism from the public. Then people can reply to their post asking to see the site and give their background. If the site owner wishes, he can share his site to the other person via PM and then that person can post the criticism in public and in private. It's good for the site owners as they get a fresh viewpoint on their business. It's good for the critiques as they learn more about Internet marketing, sorta how you learn more with every new dance partner you dance with or every sparring partner you spar with. And it's good for the forum, as the public can just read the site and the critiques.

I'll start first. I'm starting a productised service company and am targeting some easy keywords. I know how to fulfil this service and am also going to sell attorney consultation packages with an attorney I meet. Site has like 80 articles so far, 800 words each. We're going with a long tail content marketing strategy and it's like CitationFlow 40. I'm currently using the Twenty Twenty Two theme on WP and haven't done anything else besides keyword research. We're at like 10 to 20 visitors/day from Google so far. I'm open to any opinions but only from people with experience. The marketing channel is only SEO and it's only informational keywords. It's like "how much does a 2020 Prius cost?" when I'm promoting local car dealerships.

One doubt people have is that the critiquer might steal their niche and enter as a competitor! Well, as someone who has been around for ages, I can tell you that if that was the case, it mean that person had nothing better to do and your idea was THAT good. What you might find out is that your idea is not that good and quite bad. Also, the critiquer, if he's experienced, would be busy with his own projects too. He might be raking it in a lot more than you and is a lot busier than you. Finally, if you're so worried that anyone who sees your business will steal your idea, then I have bad news for you. Your idea is also open to the public. Any viewer of your website can steal your idea as well. You're quite paranoid. So, unless you're paranoid, it's fine. You can share your site via PM and I doubt anyone will steal it.

Now, posting your site publicly and talking about how much money you make? Yeah, that's just inviting competitors to enter the niche. Just don't do that.