Small Business Website -> Lead Gen -> SEO Contractor -> eCom -> What's next?

Apr 19, 2020
I started my IM journey by dropping acid.

I had a profound realization -> what I do at this very moment, this very fucking moment defines me.

That one thought fixated my eyes on a new but groundbreaking phone grip at that time - Pop Sockets - which were sitting in the corner of my college apartment. I planned to cold pitch local business stores about a new trend that's to come but I pushed it off because of school.


"SAY YOU'RE A VAGINA, FUCKING SAY IT" I told myself. I didn't. I grabbed those PopSockets and went to a cell phone store and pitched hard. He bought em all.

Selling door-to-door is not efficient unless you have a cloning machine. I embarked my journey on leveraging the internet.

I'm an early adopter. I'll boost my ego and say I'm an innovator when I want to be but it's not fucking cash efficient so I put that in the back-burner. This means I catch trends early. Bitcoin? Early. Other shit? Early. I fucked up by not catching SEO when I was 10, but fuck it.

I caught a trend. I built a website. I learned local SEO / SEO primarily from reading a few articles related to my current task at that time. I got leads, I got tired of running a company so I built a rank-n-lease website.

Fucker broke the contract. COVID hit. Money from the rank-n-lease website alone wasn't enough to justify traveling, quarantining, accommodation, and living expenses. Went home after traveling, throwing money, and not working a lick for 6 months. Had a couple of gs to my name.

Got contracted as an SEO Specialist for a law firm for a couple of months. Ranked their desired keywords for a ton of counties in my state. Was building an eCom during this time. Parted ways.

eCom is up & live. eCom is nearly streamlined. Time to move.

What's next?
I've polished my SEO knowledge through my contracting job. I get how to rank a website < 50 webpages. Target a keyword and make sure the page is on point with the search intent, take care of on-page blah blah, technical blah blah, build links, manipulate CTR, increase searches of your brand's name, and write content that will make people say, "I READ A WHOLE PARAGRAPH!! YAY ME". That being said, I can create an SEO agency that caters to small lucrative businesses.


SaaS. That's more interesting and imposes a much bigger challenge. Excitement mixed w/ stress. Fun.


I can learn how2hack and offer link niche edits in relevant articles LOL. No. fuck that small-time bullshit.

So what would you choose? Why?

And if you have python projects, please share them. Looking to see what's possible beyond my knowledge.
Jul 22, 2014
Focus on what's working and ignore the rest until you're in a place where you can afford to explore new and fun things and eat the losses.

You sound like you've mastered SEO, so why not become a skrillionaire there?

Or if your eCommerce is streamlined, why not scale that up?

Unless you're a good coder, understand user experience and interfaces, and know frontend and backend everything, a SaaS isn't a good idea. It looks sexy on the surface, but there's a wild amount of work under the hood, the kind you can't learn from "reading a few articles".