Sitting #5 - #10 for most of my terms - boost overall authority

Sep 3, 2015
I have a site that is bang on target content wise, but is competing against sites that have much more authority. These sites might cover all types of cars for example (Ferrari, Lambo, Porsche, etc), but my site focuses on Lambos. Even though I might have the best content for Lambo info (and a few links), they still out-rank me with their Lambo topic pages (I am assuming because they are much larger sites with more authority/links overall).

My question is, would an effective way to try and increase my overall site authority (and thereby try and lift all my pages that are ranking #5-#10 higher) be to get a bunch of contextual "Lambo" links pointing to my homepage using a service like this for example?

There are dozens of pages that I want to try and boost and so getting links to them all would not be possible. Would HP links (done right, without triggering anything) potentially lift my overall authority enough within the Lambo niche to give all my Lambo content a boost?

If not, what other strategies (as far as link building) would you suggest?
Sep 17, 2014
I'd guess you nailed it. If you're on page 1 for your terms, you probably already have the relevance needed and the others are beating you based on pure authority (link signals and page rank).

I don't know that adding more relevance through anchor texts to your homepage would help. The links would, but we don't really know how many you need to push page rank through to all the inner pages to get them to move up. After you move 1 ranking upwards, it's going to get exponentially more costly to hit the next rank.

Have you tried really digging into the content and tweaking it to get any edge you can there? Like a TD*IDF analysis, etc. Also, have you eeked out as much of an edge as you can with things like speed? Speed prob won't move you up by itself but it'd get you more bang for your buck with the links. I've seen TD*IDF work miracles too.
Jun 11, 2015
I get this problem a bunch usually with client facing SEO, stuck between 5th and 15th for months. I can maybe help with a couple ideas for links and stuff off the top of my head:
  • Add contextual internal links to the pages you are trying to boost. Check your profile and start with the best URLs as far as backlinks go and work your way down from there. Gotta stay relevant with this but since it's all around a single brand of car should be ok.
  • Look at the backlinks going to the competitor's pages ranking above yours (and maybe below you on page one) - look for ops where you can get listed easily. Not only do you get a link, you can dilute your competitors value a little bit too.
  • If your car content has good info/can be used as a resource look for fan sites of that model or maybe even forums - anything with a resource page should do it - reach out and ask to get listed.
  • Look for aftermarket parts sites (or something else related, car covers, washing products, i dunno) that have "as seen on" or "featured in" pages or sections on their home page where they link to media that has showcased their product. Do the same and send them an email letting them know about your content... odds are you will get a free link.
  • Build some big heavy (expensive if you have budget) home page links, logo links work great for this (sponsorships, donations, etc.) Internally link to your focus pages from here if possible, but the trust should flow thru your nav menu anyways.
and not links but also could help:
  • Update the content add more long tail versions of your main title KWs as h2's
  • Fake usage metrics to boost CTR - kinda gray/sketchy but use something like serpify or pandabot if you want to try with a bot. Can also use humans to do it like those microworkers campaigns. Wouldn't recommend this for client sites but ive seen it work especially on parasites.
I'll update this if I remember anything else