Should I Promote Every Piece of Content?

Mar 1, 2020
Okay so this is a bit of a noob question but do you promote every bit of content you write or just those superstar posts?

For example if I've written a post on the ultimate guide to keeping tropical fish, I'm going to want to push that out as much as I can but if that post is supported by a top 10 tropical fish for beginners would you promote that as hard?


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Sep 15, 2014

From a difference angle, why would you create supporting pages?

To get traffic from a source than then goes to the pillar page, right?

I assume search engine traffic is a primary method of in-bound traffic to those supporting pages. Well, how do those supporting rank than? Backlinks is still the #1 ranking factor in SEO.

You then expand to other traffic sources for the supporting page - the only way to get traffic to them is by promotion: social media, guest blogging, outreach, traffic leaking, videos, and offline methods.

Imagine your website is a mall. The pillar pages are your big department stores. The supporting pages are your smaller stores that people shop at as well.

Regardless of whether people come for Macy’s or Steve Madden in their mind then eventually shop at the others - you still have to get them there by promoting both Steven Madden and Macy’s through any means necessary.

Promotion are all the roads, streets, sidewalks, train stops, bus stops, bike paths, helicopters landing pads that directly link to your mall. Maybe Google is the Interstate Highway that sends the most traffic, but if you only concentrate on that path to your mall - they can shut it down or slow it down whenever. But if you built dozens of other avenues of paths to your mall you are not chained.

And if you are really smart whenever someone walks into your mail you get their email and 2-3 times a week you email them with content about different stores, promotions, and content to get them back into your mall.

Imagine collecting emails of just 1% of users that come to your site. Remember they opted-in, so they WANT to hear from you. If your site gets 1,000 visitors a day that’s 10 visitors that give you their email. After a year you got 3,650 emails that are hyper targeted to your mall. You publish new content and instantly 30% (1,095 people) of them come to your mall that day! It’s not hard to see which method of generating traffic is the fastest. But I am on a tangent here... back to promotion.

This doesn’t take into the account the search engine angle. The supporting pages should have search traffic to them so Google understands at some level this page is important to it’s searchers and therefore the pages it link, interlinks, to are also important. BOOM! Now you are an SEO and can put out $5 ebooks guruing your way to the top of the SEO mountain!


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Jan 29, 2015
I would rewrite the second article until its ultimate level in context or ditch it.

If something doesn't gain momentum from the first few promotion attempts.
I stop promoting it, typically remove it, revise it, and try again later.
Non sticky messaging hurts your brand messaging, and by proxy any brand metrics robots are measuring when judging you.