Roll Call: Who's Grinding Late on a Saturday Night? (Aussies, You Can't Fool Me)


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Sep 3, 2014
Here I am, trying to create a Wordpress shortcode to include a sidebar file that includes another php file that has a shortcode in it and includes another php file that has a shortcode in it.

Despite the nested nonsense, I'm sure I have it set up correctly. I'm beating my head against the wall because the shortcodes aren't executing, they're just returning the name of the shortcode like [shortcode].

Then it occurs to me 2 hours later, after trying like 5 other methods and retyping the original over and over, that I have the line that includes a different php file that contains the shortcodes commented out so the display ads don't load on the staging server. I uncomment it and it works... :(

To make matters worse, 3 minutes later I found a solution where I didn't need to do any of that. I found a way to simply include the original file that contains all the other files and shortcodes and it worked. 30 lines of nutty code dropped down to 5 without having to change my other files.

That did me in. Time to close the browsers and watch a movie.