Programmer Needed (HTML, PHP & CSS)


BuSo Pro
May 10, 2018
I'm looking for a solid programmer who is interested in revamping a WordPress install that wasn't coded as well as it could have been (when the prior programmers converted the PSDs to HTML).

I need a legitimate and full-blown programmer who is versed in HTML, PHP and CSS (with a bit of Java and who is capable of optimizing site speed), not a plugin-installer. This is a static site with responsive mobile design that isn't complex at all. While I don't necessarily need a security guy, I need someone who understands basic security (e.g. installing security headers and the ability to implement common WordPress security-related tweaks). While the project will be performed in a staging environment, rather than on the live site, I need someone who can understand that I don't want any on-page-SEO-related changes to be made to the site (e.g. H1s shouldn't be changed) and we can't do anything that would adversely impact the SERPs (e.g. carelessly create 404s).

The site consists of less than 15 main pages, along with a blog that has 50 posts (approximately). The 15 main pages follow a similar structure/format and the blog posts tend to adhere to the same structure/format, as well.

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