Noteworthy DevOps + DevSeries Threads


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Sep 15, 2014
To make things a bit more organized in this section I'm putting together a list of noteworthy threads and the DevSeries in a list format so people don't have to go hunting.

If you see a thread that you think should be considered noteworthy send any of the admins a PM and we'll check it out. We're looking for great in-depth guides written specifically to help the BuSo community flex their developer muscle and get that custom job done.


Exit Intent Popup - DevSeries (@CCarter)

Faux Chat Box Pop with Discount CTA Offer (@CCarter)

Hellobar Free Alternative (@CCarter)

Title Change to Header Text on Scroll (@CCarter)

Pop Under Pro Free Alternative (@CCarter)

Popup Email Form For CTA (@CCarter)

Recent Customers Script (VeriPurchase Alternative) (@CCarter)

SumoMe Share Alternative Mobile Friendly Floating Social - DevSeries (@CCarter)

SumoMe Welcome Mat Free Alternative (@CCarter)



XPath Guide - Scrape Your Way To Success (@turbin3)

Linux admin with experience dating back to early UNIX servers - AMA (@SmokeTree)

EasyKeyJS - Keyboard Shortcuts in Web Apps & SaaSes (@Ryuzaki)

The question of "HOW". A SAAS story (@SmokeTree)

A Short Story About Versioning (aka Get Your Shit Together) (@hehejo)

A Structured & Efficient Way To Improve Your Page Speed (@turbin3)

Helpful functions.php for WordPress (copy paste) (@juliantrueflynn)

Linux Therapy - Vitamin "L" for the brain (@SmokeTree)

Social Sharing Icons/Buttons Without Needing HTTP Requests (@CCarter)


Time to get to work...

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