My goal of making $70,000 in 3.5 years

Jan 28, 2016
Hello everybody!

After posting a thread earlier this month and receiving excellent feedback, I've been really considering my options.

Through the wisdom of Ryuzaki, I've decided to continue my education. I am going to finish up the academic year at my community college, but come Fall of 2019, I will be attending University.

This decision to earn a degree in computer science will give me career stability and give me a clear goal in my life.

It's not secret. With a degree comes a huge financial burden. Without any financial aid, I am looking at approximately $70,000.

For the next 9 months, I will be working approx 25 hours per week for a total of $10,000. (Hey, that's already 1/7th of the way there!) I'll be saving a decent chunk of this, but it will also provide useful capital for this project for web hosting and what not.

Best case scenario is that I leave college debt free. However, if I don't achieve this dream -- I would still much rather leave with $20k in debt rather than $70k.

For the first 9 months into this journey, I'll be living at home and can put any extra time I have into this project. After I move to the University campus, the major challenge in this project will be only having 1-2 hours per day to spare.

I need to find something that I can grow over the next 3.5 years to flip or hold to reach my goal.

Do I build a website for the next few years and flip for $xx,xxx?
Do I create a toy-review YouTube channel and get 100,000,000 views?
Do I need to find myself a sugar mama?

What are your suggestions? Seeking any and all advice!
Dec 16, 2014
Maybe combine both, but in a niche, that you actually will enjoy and have existing knowledge in.

Create a blog and YouTube channel about your journey of getting a CS Degree. Cover topic as they come up in your own life, like choosing the college, you will have to do research yourself, and create a YouTube video on what you did, why, where etc.

That way you will save a lot of time in video research, because you will have to do it anyway.

Later on when you have a following on social media, and some traffic on your blog, monetization will be relatively easy :

  • Sponsorships from companies (bootcamps, tools, courses)
  • Create your own course/book
  • Affiliate (review products / courses / tools, that don't even need to be related to getting a degree in CS, for example bootcamps)
  • Adsense
First year will most likely produce close to 0$, but it will start ballpark fast if you keep the consistency and quality up.

As there are many upcoming student, or people generally interested in CS, that would watch.

Worst case scenario, you will have a small following and blog, to put on your CV once you graduate which will help getting a job easier.

Best case you will have a full time income from relatively passive work and a platform to jumpstart your products if you so desire.