Moz acquires STAT Search Analytics

Jul 22, 2014
I don't use either product but I thought it was an interesting enough event to talk about.

Sarah Bird is making moves. It's cool to see her salvaging what was basically wasteful spending with zero attempts at becoming ROI positive.

To save you a click:

They don't share the amount in these posts and I've not looked for it. They basically say "We have a vision for search solutions that change the industry, we care about our customer's success, and we want to bring massive data for marketers."

Moz says they've been upgrading themselves. They have a new link index that went live in April that's 35x larger and 30x fresher. They doubled their keyword corpus for UK, CA, and AUS. They made a new Local UI dashboard. They say STAT is the best enterprise-level SERP analysis software available (not so sure about that *cough SERPwoo cough*). It's more than just rank tracking! It's lots of more stuff too! Moz + STAT = more data than has ever existed in our industry. That could be true.

They both care about TAGFEE: Transparent, Authentic, Generous, Fun, Empathetic, Exceptional.

STAT says they have the same cultures, solve the same kind of problems, and are next door neighbors (Seattle and Vancouver). STAT worked in the industry for 7 years before this acquisition. The STAT team and founder aren't going anywhere. They're going to stay on with Moz, with Rob Bucci becoming the Vice President of Research & Development for Moz.

I can't find any data after searching about how much they paid for STAT. So much for "transparency." Just kidding. It'll come out eventually.