Mark Cuban's Cost Plus Drug Company

What if they just decide not to be dicks and don’t raise prices.

Well, they are losing money now - but they cannot lose money forever. Maybe they will get to a large enough scale and operate efficiently enough that they can maintain current pricing, but I doubt it.

From talking to friends in the pharmacy business, the vast majority of drugs they sell they lose money on. It's all about just getting people used to using your pharmacy so that you get their business on the few drugs that do have enough margin to make a profit. Or having relationships with doctors that prescribe those meds and recommend your pharmacy...

Without having a few drugs they make a bunch of money on they are going to need a very efficient operation to keep prices that low. I would not say raising prices enough to break even after a few years is being dicks or anything.
Ok no way on Peter Jones.
Not happening. That guy would end up getting a wedgie from his own body guards.

What if they just leverage a bunch of pre existing network effect. He’s got a lot of ways to drum up good value media. He can go shill this shit to mavs fans. Prolly makes a fixed margin and starts doing for real volume.

Edit: I went and looked. He’s making 15% Flat.
That ain’t great but if you have free and reduced price customer acquisition channels that’s workable or even profitable.
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