Lumen5 Pro free on AppSumo [I tried it]


BuSo Pro
Jan 4, 2016
AppSumo has a year of Lumen5 pro for free right now:

I tried it out, it's actually pretty cool. I wasn't expecting much...

You can paste in the URL of your article, it pulls up the text, you click any sentences that you want included, then it pulls images from its library, and makes a little slideshow for you. About half the images it added automatically were good, the rest need to be switched out, but no big deal. Out of the box, it was pretty decent, then you can tinker a bit to really dial things in.

I'm going to be using this to make videos for a lot of my longtail articles that don't really justify a full-effort video (Like filming, editing, narration, etc), and for maintaining my FB pages since video is doing sooo well on the platform lately (If you aren't posted videos to your FB pages, strongly consider it...)

If you want to do letterbox style videos, or export above 1080p, you'll need the business plan. Pro (the one that's free via AppSumo for a 1 year license) maxes out at 720p, but does have support for square videos, or regular.