Looking For Someone To Connect an API to WordPress

Mar 16, 2017
I'm looking for somebody who can hook up the API from Anchor Distributors (https://www.anchordistributors.com/) to a WordPress/WooCommerce website. This would be a contract job to help me finish a project for a client whose other vendor lost their developer and this is one of the last things that needs to be done to get the website finished up. The API would be used for importing/syncing products into WooCommerce, pulling shipping rates from Anchor when a sale is made, and sending sales information directly to Anchor after orders are placed.

The budget for this project is a maximum of $1,500. More information on the API here: https://soap.anchordistributors.com/anchorwebservice.asmx and here: https://www.anchordistributors.com/webservicevendor.pdf

I checked for a plugin and didn't find anything. There may be an additional opportunity for you to create the solution in the form of a plugin and then sell it to other people too.

In a perfect world, we'd be able to get this done by June 6th but if it takes longer that's understandable. The website is a mix of merchant-fulfilled sales (custom handmade products), dropshipped sales, and it has a platform for other artisans to take orders for custom handmade products in this niche.

I was helping out with the Google Ads but after the website team quit (due to their developer leaving the company) I ended up inheriting this part too. I've got everything else with this website under control except for this API project so you won't be asked to do anything out-of-scope.