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Sep 15, 2014
I'm going to try a new series called "Steal This". Parental Advisory (for the snowflakes - please don't read this if you are a snowflake): Stealing is against the LLAAAWW. I could go the PC route and use "Clone", but I like making you guys uncomfortable (actually I love pissing you guys off).

So anyways I was looking into this Link Whisper and Spencer Haws has a nice setup. $77 payment, yearly recurring. I was looking into see how much he was making on this, which was easy to surmise.

He's doing an email blast or something, where he gets massive amounts of users download it. Look at the spikes:

Spike Days:

Feb 4th, 2021 = 1,042
Jan 20th, 2021 = 917
Dec 28th, 2020 = 979
Dec 16th, 2020 = 926
Nov 30th, 2020 = 862
Nov 9th, 2020 = 628
Oct 26th, 2020 = 788
Oct 12th, 2020 = 698
Total = 6,840

Let's assume 80% of the people that bothered to download those days went with the $77 price, that's a good $421,344.00 for those mail drops (6,840 user). It's bad to assume, but anyone that's downloading on a spike probably bought.

If we do simply 5% conversion rate instead of 80%, then it's $26,334.00, meh, OKAY. Although I think it's at the higher end, even 50% would be $263,340.00.

The important thing is you should be able to see crystal clear the power of an email list. There can't be any doubt at this point. However if you are trying to mail your list some nonsense product that you are getting 1% affiliate commission over at Amazon that sells for $25... Do I need to finish that sentence.

The great thing about research on WordPress plugins is you can see the downloads:

Direct Link: Link Whisper - Advanced View

More research: Plugin Tag: internal linking

Yesterday 94 people, at 5% conversion that's $361.90. At 80% conversion that's $5,790.4.

It's not @Savtrn $290K daily revenue, but I have a feel an extra $11K to $173K a month is enough to satisfy most people trying to go after $1K a month with their 12 year SEO project.

How would I code that? Fiverr. The plugin is pretty smart, but it's basically cross-referencing data that a basic programmer can handle. I would estimate this project at $1K to $5K in programming cost. Most of the cross referencing libraries are open source.

Now if I wasn't busy I'd definitely create a clone version of this and then sell it for $50. It is a race to the bottom (Setting The Price - Customer Perceived Value vs Pricing) but SOMEONE is going to do it no matter what. In 2-3 years there probably will be 2-4 clones competing for $5 to $10. But for now Spencer Haws is making his.

Now instead of just clone this a smarter angle would be to create a version for OTHER CMSes... Boom, now you remixed an idea.

Being an entrepreneur isn't about coming up with a 12th dimensional wheel.

You just need to do something a bit better than the competition, or at a different angle. WordPress has a massive ecosystem, but there are other CMSes that have a foothold and there are TONS of plugins that can be ported to those other CMSes where people stuck on those CMSes need plugins that are only available on WordPress. Some include:

1. Joomla​
2. Drupal​
3. Shopify​
4. Prestashop​
5. Magento​
6. Webflow​
7. Ghost​
8. Squarespace​
9. Wix​
10. Weebly​
11. CMS Hub (Hubspot one)​

AND the great things about these other CMSes is when new exciting plugins get launched you can get great press from them, cause they NEED people to create plugins for their systems. And now you can make yours only premium at $50, yearly recurring, shieet.

The money is out here folks, you guys have to open your eyes on all the potential.

IN FACT instead of fighting with Spencer Haws and gang, you can find the best unique plugins for Wordpress and port them over to the above other CMSes and create a small software company from scratch with you and some coder business partners.

Oh yeah the marketing angle, the whole reason I was thinking about this.


So it's very simple, I figured out what AppSumo is really about after my confusion. You launch your Link Whisper for Wordpress as a clone, with a clean 2021 design obviously - look the part. And head over to AppSumo and negotiate with them for presentation.

Whatever they offer you just take it. Trust me. The goal isn't to make money off of AppSumo, the goal is to grow an email list of people that buy software. So let's say they tell you to do $25 lifetime for your Link Whisper clone. Fine, perfect. (Link: Does AppSumo Really Take 70% of Revenue? (And Other Misconceptions) - The answer is yes)

Other reads:

Let's say 10,000 users sign up at $25, that's $250,000, at 30% that's $75,000. Great you got $75K in your pockets for a $1K Fiverr product. So whatever you make off of the AppSumo launch is gravy, since afterwards you'll now have a list of customers that are shown to pull out their wallets.

Using this list you can create other products that are clones or for other CMSes and launch a nice software company that just creates niche plugins. You can get them on $5 a month recurring products, $100 a year, you can get as creative as you want with the billing.

Or you can keep going back to the AppSumo cash register and take your hits.

There are AppSumo clones as well where you can make the rounds for your plugins. The main goal is to continue building a list of people that are BUYING software. That's the key.

Block Bad Users
Some random creating is useless and that's why we block those disposable emails at SW. We didn't have to do any research, we simply cross-referenced all the disposable emails in our system and which one turned into paying customers - Zero. Doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure this out. How do we block, well we have a number of steps but has a free API for disposable email detection: Free, Open API for Detecting Disposable Email Addresses

Back to AppSumo and launches - so even if you are a fucking nobody, you can amass a lot of cash in weeks, start a software company, and a massive amount of emails of people that pull out other wallet for $1K at Fiverr for coding, design, and some negotiations with AppSumo and AppSumo Jrs.

And you didn't even have to learn to code shit.

AND not a single page was optimized for S.E.O. Perfect.

P.S. Don't go take money out of poor Spencer Haws' pockets. The above is an example of how you can research niches/competitors, figure out your UPS (Unique Selling Proposition) - even if it's making it just 1% better by porting it to other CMSes which are hungry for plugins, and make some money in 1-2 months.

TBH, the coding can be wrapped up in a week, the design in another week, and you're off to the races with negotiating with AppSumo or one of the other clones. But that's if you're a Zealot Psychopath like me. Like I said there is nothing stopping you guys from making $100K next month except your own self-imposed beliefs.


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Jan 29, 2015
I don't really disagree with you but I'm less positive on the roi on this one. I think you're probably over attributing value to the product here.
Spencers got a top ten brand in this business. Its more of a brand equity harvesting event in my mind.
You gotta have some network effects you've been seeding to merge together to really replicate stuff like this.

Also for deal sites.
Keep in mind that super participation has costs, just like participation.
Tech companies have weird agendas and economies of scale.
Pick and choose wisely based on the bundle of benefits.
Deal site deal terms can be a fire sale on strategic advantage if you do them wrong.

I've been thinking about messing with these.
Kinda wary about the partnership terms for non ebook or template content style offerings.
If you have cost of goods sold it feels rather hairy. Hard to make a deal with them that has scalable profitability. Also not sure about how well upselling works on people who are signed up for deal sites. They just get more deals in their inbox from the penny pincher list.
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