Launching a PPC (Bing+Adwords) campaign based on SEO metrics

Dec 31, 2016
I want to begin running Adwords/Bing to my search driven site.

I found the value pr. visitor (search) on each page. Page -> Commissions/Visitors.

That gave me 3 pages, where I thought it could be really valuable, where my visitor value was >$1, and where I didn't rank in top 3 for the keywords.

I will create individual landing pages for these pages. Probably make them similar, but do some other stuff such as remove menulinks / inlinks etc, to keep them on the page.

I will track my conversions by using parameters for Ads and Keywords in the url, then grab it with a session variable in a separate PHP redirect file.

Could I drop a Facebook retargeting pixel?

The only issue, well, I checked Adwords for one of those keywords, it's about 3x my visitor value as suggested by Google (not calculating page score and all that). Well, I do not intend to be discouraged by this. I also have time of conversion data and keywords to filter and all such things to bring down the gap.

What do you think about my plan?
Jun 9, 2015
I would definitely recommend doing a Facebook retargeting pixel. You'll be able to create custom audiences that you can also then market to on Facebook.

Don't be discouraged by visitor value from Google. That doesn't mean a lot when you are dropping someone right onto a sales page, which could be a lot different in terms of value. Are you selling a physical profit or is it just an affiliate? If it's an affiliate (which is what I presume based off you mentioning commission) then it just comes down to you spending less money than you make.

Long tail keywords are great to start out with. You don't have to go fully hardcore into it. Just start small with some cheaper keywords that have some intent behind them like "_____ product reviews" or what have you. You can then bootstrap it, plow all the profit back into advertising.

Also, CPC data is normally given to you but the true cost can be much lower based on what you are bidding. Like, the cost you see is generally for the 1st spot from what I see, but you can pay much less if you want to be in the 3rd spot or lower. It's just a general number - you probably won't be paying exactly that.

Everything else sounds good to me, you've definitely done your research.