Is Brexit just about Paperwork?


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Apr 27, 2015
We heard the same thing in the U.S. during the 2016 Presidential Election. We were told if Donald Trump is elected, the U.S. economy will tank, and it'll be the return of the Great Depression. Doom 'n gloom for everyone.

Well, Donald Trump was elected, and it turned out the exact opposite happened: the economy boomed.

It turns out that no, electing one of the greatest businessmen in history isn't bad for an economy. The so-called "experts" we're peddling fear mongering bullshit to manipulate the votes of the naive.

Are the so-called "experts" doing the same with Brexit? Come on . . . do you really even have to ask?


If they cease to believe in u, do u even exist?
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Sep 15, 2014
Doom 'n gloom for everyone.
hmm... I guess we should not talk politics.
It’s funny. If we can’t have civilized discussion on macro topics without going all gun-ho red versus blue - what possible hope do we have? No matter what side of the issue you are on you still have to live with the other 50% of the opposite side.

What’s great about Trump is he is literally getting the USA OUT of wars. He is ending them and bringing troops back home. But the marketers don’t care, they want you to be outraged. Poor Trump could walk on water and save a baby from drowning and his opponents will say “it’s cause he couldn’t swim.”

Are you guys not marketers or are you just pretending to not see the game. Like - there is no possible way you guys believe 100% whatever your side is selling. The marketers have it so polarizing that you refuse to even admit the other side might have a single good idea.

Thing is - how do you guys live outside of the internet? Cause I walk around all day in red and blue areas and absolutely no one is going bananas just like you would imagine would be happening if you watch the news. The news and marketers have you guys thinking World War 3 is on your porch.

Go outside and look around - 99% of the time shit is peaceful. It’s the 1% bad that happens and then the 24/7 news channels broadcast it nonstop and you think “they are on our front porch coming for us.”

As marketers you guys are disappointing if you think other marketers can’t see through the nonsense. It’s all about Advertisement views. I know it, you know it, yet some of you pretend to not know it.

99% of us talking have it 10000% better off then our counterparts 20 years ago, 40 years ago, 60, 80, and 100 years ago. If you are reading this right here and right now, you are better off now than anytime in the past.

What the fuck are you guys so stressed out about? You are goddamn marketers, there is no fucking spoon!!


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Dec 31, 2016
Whatever, back to earning and helpful to your fellow BuSo member.

At least we all share the fundamental belief that we and we alone, are ultimately responsible for our prosperity (if not salvation).



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Oct 8, 2014
No such thing as a good politician.

We have a booming economy because we cut taxes without reigning in spending. Old guys meet the new guy who is the same as the other guys. We are still running record deficits in a good economy what do you think is going to happen when the music stops.

Negative INT rates are coming and once we start down that path the next recession is going to be lit.

The good news? Most of us on here are entrepreneurs and will make a killing during the next downturn.