How To Win Blankets and Influence Search Results - Black Friday Edition


BuSo Pro
Jan 4, 2016
Weighted blankets are a trendy item right now, and this Canadian company's Black Friday promo is all about owning the SERPs and making sure they have that top spot well beyond the holiday shopping season.

You can find these blankets all over Amazon (aka DHgate West), but there's 1000 to choose from and they're a pain to shop for. You can't really tell what sets one apart from another so it feels like having your own site to differentiate yourself gives a huge leg-up here. This isn't a new tactic or anything, but I haven't seen it executed in this exact way before (MTurk in shambles.)

Their email starts like this:

You'll start to see it come together in this next screenshot:

You see where this is going now:

They're getting you to visit their site via organic search so they'll be cleaning up in the CTR department, and they're getting you to spend a lot of time on the site visiting different pages and clicking around. You won't be hitting the back button to visit competitor sites since you're not in shopping mode. The "email 5 friends" was a nice touch, too.

The thing is... they show up at the top of the paid results, too. I can't help but wonder how many people are going to search "weighted blanket" and then click the paid result for this brand instead of the organic result. I don't really know the nuances of quality scores and such when it comes to paid traffic, so maybe that's not a bad thing either if AdWords sees that these visitors are staying on the site for a long time, not bouncing, not hitting back. It seems like they're aware of this possibility and trying to avoid it by including exact screenshots of which listings to click.

The prize "worth $505" sells for around $250-$300 on their site as far as I can tell, so this might end up costing them $800-$1000 or so (random guess), depending on how many extra paid clicks they end up eating.

With at least 25k+ customers on their list (not to mention everyone who joined their list to "unlock special pricing" and didn't order, I wouldn't be surprised if it's well over 100k, plus everyone's 5 friends on top of that), that's still a massive influx of searches to influence the SERPs if even a small fraction of people participate. They could have saved themselves some hassle and gotten on that Affluenza tip and ranked position 0 instead of 1, but what can ya do?