Google's Scroll to Text Fragments - Ramifications & Disabling


Sep 3, 2014
I use Safari and hadn't seen this yet but just used Edge on another computer and found this is active now.

So basically, Google is adding jump links to URLs in the SERPs by appending text to the end of the URL like #:~:text=scroll%20to%20this%20point

Chrome and Edge (I'm sure Firefox and Safari will follow) will automatically find and load the page at the text "scroll to this point" and will highlight it.

This is a disaster for those of us who have optimized our above the fold with comparison tables or are monetizing with display ads, etc.

Google is using this currently in the Featured Snippets. I searched and found that Google claims if we disable this it will not impact our ability to be featured in the Featured Snippets:

Obviously that should come with a caveat of "No, not right now, not yet." Because obviously this is going to be used in the Google Passages update, where Google is cataloging parts of the page separately and likely wants to scroll users straight to it.

So whether or not we should disable this might change. But for now I'm going to. So how is that done?

The official answer from is to use a document policy.

You may be thinking "what the hell is that and how do I use it?" Assuming you're using an Apache server, you'll want to find your hidden .htaccess file at the root of your public_html folder on your server and add a document policy as an HTTP header. You want to do this at the server level and not with PHP or anything else on the browser side because it needs to be seen early.

So in your .htaccess you'll want to paste in (ignoring the green part):

Solution: Header add Document-Policy: force-load-at-top

If you do it right, your server should respond with that new policy like seen below in the BuSo Lightning demo site I just tested it on:

You see at the bottom there. I've confirmed it's working. I'll be adding this to my sites monetized by display ads until I hear or see otherwise that it's a bad idea. The last thing I need is Google loading my page 50% down and me missing out on showing some ads, the bread and butter of the income on those sites.

Can you think of anything else in how this might apply to the Passages update or other ramifications of blocking the Scroll to Text feature?