Google launches, a free service to check your site against Lighthouse & many other tests


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Sep 3, 2014
Check it out at, which is the actual URL.

They have two main sections. One is called Learn, where they give you tons of information about various topics like speed optimization, network resilience, security, accessibility, and more including progressive web apps.

The other main section is called Measure, where you'll punch in your website homepage or any inner page and get measurements. If you have advertisements, be prepared for low scores for crap you can't control, as always!

It's pretty slick and provides a lot more information that services like Pingdom and WebPageTest and GTMetrix don't, but also lacks some of the insight those provide too.

There's a lot to be learned from it, there doesn't seem like there will be queueing issues where you wait in line, and you can log in with your Google account and keep a record of your scores to make sure you're improving.