Google Discover - Google's Homepage on Mobile


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Sep 3, 2014
I know I'm massively late to this. I kept seeing about it but ignoring it, and I never browse the web on my phone.

This is what Google's homepage looks like on mobile now. It's a feed of content related to that searcher's previous searches and interests.

Turns out it's been this way since around September 2018. Google announced it in this blog post and after reading that I've found that it was actually there since 2016 called "Google Feed." It's crazy that I'm that far out of the loop.

Anyways, the reason I'm bringing it up is because the new Search Console has a section under Performance next to Search Results called Discover. I clicked it and discovered this:

That's not bad. That's a lot of impressions (free brand marketing) and a decent amount of clicks. This is over the past 90 days though so it's nothing incredible, but look at me climb.

Google Discover doesn't only include stuff you're interested in that's new. It features evergreen content and then also trending topics in general. You can also customize the feed like you would Apple News or whatever else that's similar.

I think we'd all love to score tons of extra traffic from this...

Soooo... who's cracked the algorithm? :evil: