Google Bought Out FitBit ... Smartwatch Is Now To Sync With the "G"


White Hat Genius
BuSo Pro
Nov 7, 2016
On Thursday, Google announced that its acquisition of Fitbit is finally complete in a press release on its website. The announcement was made by Rick Osterloh, Senior Vice President of Devices and Services for Google.

In the release, Osterloh emphasizes that the acquisition of the wearables company “has always been about the devices, not data” in an effort to clarify Google’s intentions with the purchase of Fitbit. Google looks forward to utilizing the talents of the Fitbit team to eventually develop its own wearable devices, much like how Google’s acquisition of Nest enabled the company to refine its ecosystem of smart home products.

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It's hilarious they say this won't be about data when in reality, they've already been researching since last year how smartwatches will help monitor people with or around people with Covid19

I also wonder what this means for competition.