Google analytics goals and form submits

Jan 13, 2017
Hi - Im helping a friend out to get things moving with some PPC. I wanted to see if something is possible in google analytics.

At the moment the PPC will drive people to one of 4 landing pages
When they submit the landing page (it has a form on it) they are taken to a "thank you" page
The thank you page is the same page as you would go to if you used the normal on site contact us page
If we want to track only ppc conversions can we make it so that going to the thank you page after the PPC lander is the goal? However also if they go to the site via ppc and browse for a bit then use the normal contact us would that also register?
We dont want to count normal form submits,.

What would work if possible is a goal registers only if someone goes to a ppc page then at any time later hits the thank you page but they need to have hit the ppc lander and the thank you, what they did in between does not matter.

Is this something that should be possible



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May 24, 2015
Hey @Frog. Use segments.

You can always create a segment in GA for PPC traffic only. I am pretty sure they have it created by default for you. It's called "paid traffic". However you can create your own segments. For example. Google Ads Traffic Only or Google Ads Mobile Traffic Only, etc..

Once you set that segment and apply it. Everything in your GA view would only show users who meet that segments criteria. In this case, paid traffic users only.

In your case, you should go to goals (after your apply the segment) and it will show you only paid users data. Hope that makes sense

Screenshot below.

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