Goals for August 2015

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Mar 28, 2015
My goal this month is to clean my plate of "remaining" web dev items. "Complete" this version of my front end. Then go full data and marketing mode. This will allow me to push all my energy into growing my business. Steady content creation, email marketing, signing new business deals and continuing the upward traffic trend.

Nov 18, 2014
Acquire currency.


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Sep 3, 2014
My goals for the coming month are...

For the Surrender & Supremacy Site:
  • Write two Tier 3 posts per day (Scheduling ahead)
  • Publish a few more Tier 2 posts
  • Publish two Tier 1 posts
  • The Tier 1 posts will let me finalize the homepage design.
  • Finalizing homepage will let me do the final page speed optimization
  • Focus mainly on Promotion to obtain links and social signals
For the Enhance & Flip Sites:
  • Continue to watch them and see how revenue does
  • Get all of the social accounts together, change passwords
  • Get all other information together in an Excel file to pass off after flip
  • See if it'd be better to put them on one server by themselves that I can pass off to buyer, versus transferring the sites. This would shift that work onto them.
Other Stuff As There is Time:
  • Wrap up a local business' website design and get paid
  • Work on additions to the Lightning theme (with secrets!)
  • Help contribute to BuSo in other ways
  • Finish going through the clothes in my closet and get rid of items
Jul 28, 2015
1) Consolidate Servers - Digital Ocean gets you in this mindset of 1 droplet = 1 website and they add up quick. I'm pretty sure I can downgrade a couple and move a few back to Hostgator and save $85/month. (Just took care of 1/2 of this while writing these down. Took a snapshot of a project that I'm not actively developing and destroyed the droplet which I was paying $40/month for. Watch the subscription creep.)

2) Slow Domain Buying - I just ran through around $500 speculating on .co and .tech domains. But that was kind of re-investing profits. (I sold CounterIntel.com for $2000 in July and paid $100 for it a couple years ago.)

3) More Domain Selling - I have around 175 domains and I'd like to bring that down to 100 or so, if I can. Realistically, getting rid of 25 this month would be good. I do this periodically because I register a lot of domains when I get an idea... and then the idea doesn't happen. So, if I can get $5 - $50, that's fine with me. And if I can't I will let them expire.

4) Buy 1.0 More Bitcoin - I'm pretty convinced that bitcoin is going to happen in a big way and I'd like to not miss the train. Looking to get as many as I can, but I'm also not looking to go full retard (yet) either.

5) Slow Altcoin Trading - I've been doing a fair bit of penny-stock style trading with altcoins and it's really taking up more time than is justified. I should just go long on the handful I have and forget them.

6) Data Science Certificate - First of nine courses starts Aug 3. Looking to up my game when it comes to data analytics since a lot of my best development projects are based on public domain dataset's analyzed overtime. https://www.coursera.org/specialization/jhudatascience/1

7) Laravel 5.1 (Reloaded) - I've been using Laravel for a few months, but not the most powerful features. I'm still coding far too procedural. Main focus in August is to focus more on using Events/Listeners/Jobs.

This list could go on for a while...


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Nov 7, 2014
OK... July was a fail on all fronts.

(to be expected, as I was away on vacation for two weeks)

also needed time to rethink my stuff / approach


Things I won't do anymore:

NO MORE Stomach Balloon leads - The borked SEO project

After reworking this, the site is up on all metrics but actual leads.
Finding some reliable stats took a while. Turns out that the doc has delusions of grandeur and there is actually a much, much smaller market than he thinks. Not to put too nice a picture on it, even if I would catch EVERY single lead in Switzerland, it would still not be great.
It is still turning a profit, so I'll keep it running, but I will scale down my involvement massively.

This is not a fail, though. I turned a small profit, learned (again) to never trust anyone & do my own research, I actually ranked this nicely, and you guys got a small case study out of it.

Things I am really getting active in:

MORE Python
I am actually getting into this nicely, also tying this in with one other project.

MORE Games site
This is the site using the principles I laid out in this article. The article started a case study, too.
As you read above, I will most likely not be continuing my efforts over there, so I will rewrite the article for blindape and start a new case study (using that site) here.

MORE Drones site
Second big site I will focus on.

MORE blindapeseo
Hey, at least that article I talked about should be landing there....

MORE sites to flip
Sounds like I am doing too much? Naaah, these are in-between projects. Small development of the domains I have lying around and will not ever use. Put some content up, style a bit, sell.

And some things I am lukewarm about:

MORE Certifications
Gotta finish that second half of the Google cert and be done with it.

MORE Job applications
Still have not got a new job - so there is that.

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