Free Money: 6 Ways To Earn Money Online in 2020, Layman's Terms


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Nov 7, 2016
Okay. Just wanted to create a post for newbs that can help you make money. However, at this point in your life you need to make a paradigm shift. You need to find self-control. You need to turn off all the outside world and tune into yourself, your own thoughts. YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL RIGHT?


1 - Cut off all the outside energy. No bullshit radio/tv/videos...

Everyday This Month: Focus on RE-TRAINING yourself to only reading about success and the steps to get to where you Dream of being. (ex: You're here on Buso, where millionaires are roaming. Read what these people are talking about in the higher percentages). Create a synergy with WINNERS, people earning $250k+ a year!

Ignore social media nonsense. How many of your friends you're watching on social media own a brand new car? Have the ability to travel at will? control their own time? If you keep that shit in your life.. fuck it, just own the fact you're a worker , not a boss.

2. Get into good health. What you eat and how you feel effect your success. The best you comes from peak functionality of the mind, body, and soul. Does everyone rich stay healthy? No. But how many healthy looking people over 25 have you seen in shitty jobs?

3. KNOW YOUR GOALS. You can't get to your destination if you don't know where you're driving. Set a 1 year, 3 year, and 5 year goal. The minimums for me. Do more if you can manage. If you can't figure out a goal, get a 9 to 5, fuck it.

4. Appreciate what you do have, ALWAYS. Many people forget this simple law. If you appreciate what you have, you'll be happy. Don't be afraid to lose things. New ones will come. Old ones will go. The cycle of time. If you have nothing to appreciate..... shit..... move to skid row (or your local ghetto / projects ) a few months.

Ways to Earn:

1 - Affiliate Marketing.
Are you familiar with the payper call industry? The zip submit industries? Check out . You make money in these industries simply by finding traffic for a lower price than what these advertisers will pay you for the information the traffic submits (or calls in with). Pay Per Call & "Submits" is super interesting because you don't have to sell to get paid.

2. Flip Somebody Else's Service
Today, successful people have realized, it's all about the profit, not spending time to figure out someone's sources. If you can find people who offer good services for good prices, make your business connecting it to the higher end clientele. Build relationships based on your skill of finding talent. You can pretty much get paid to broker services and eliminate the 'crash dummy' hassle of people with money, by only offering solution that work. ''

3. Social Media Explosion
Social media is a path to money at 1000 miles per hour. You can find girls and start modeling agency. Then sell their pictures to reddit fans. You can invest in a music artist and find a streaming farm to make a flip on streaming royalties (see here). You can even go to your local GoodWill where homeless people can no longer afford the clothing and flip their trendy donated-for-homeless-and-less-fortunate clothing by making it look cool to online hipsters. Social media is a world of people living off lies so it's all about how you present it.

4. Create Nature Videos for YouTube
If all else fails.. grab your recording device and go the fuck outside. Sit your ass down somewhere in nature with your camera on and record some nature shit. Birds chirping or a nice waterfall. Do like 10 videos a day ,90 minutes each. Upload to youtube with some funny ass title like "Relaxing to the sounds of birds shitting on cars" LOL! Hilarious but these videos generate MILLIONS of views because when we go through shit, it brings us peace to bond again with nature. It's healing. After a while, your Youtube will generate money. Share links to videos on reddit under profile called "MasterSplintersNatureHaul" . Double your money by putting it on streaming platforms like Spotify and get yourself on some Yoga playlists. I say this in an entertaining way, but it's all true and I think we all go through these phases where these types of sounds are needed.

Oh and while recording, think about your goals and use this time to let thoughts free flow in your mind to find an organic healing and creation process. Also try using my old eBook about YouTube marketing. Some of this still works: read & download here

5. Sell Guest Posts & Backlinks:

Buy an old website with good da/pa , curate, and sell links

There's websites up for sale everywhere in this age. Even use the reddit buy/sell domains subreddit. If you can find a website with a good DA50+ ranking and solid content... and still ranking in google (not sandboxed for bad backlinks), you can make money from selling guest posts.

If the site's really good quality you can make money here on BUSO. If the quality isn't top tier, try a website like or Konker.Io or SEOClerk. There's like 50 others out here now too where newbs are learning the ropes and buying such guests posts. Even here on BUSO, people need some unbranded anchor text links to balance .

The key to making money here: Make sure you're writing good content OR have a good writer who can manage to write content for a lot less than you're selling guest posts. Try to keep guest posts under a ratio of 10%, if you're doing it for longevity and clients like here on BUSO.

Don't sell **SHIT*** in a place where your reputation can earn you 5-7 figures. Fiverr is a place where people launch new accounts daily and nobody cares. Places like BUSO, where there's lots of money and only a few people showing themselves.. IT is NOT place to try and generate a new reputation after every 'get rich quick' scheme in your head.

6. eBay Drop Shipping
It's still alive. Find somebody on eBay who's got hot products selling. Find their products on aliexpress. Figure out what has a good profit margin and sell what's making the best money on your eBay seller's account. Immediately after a sell, go to aliexpress, buy the product and have it shipped to your customer.

This will burn out eventually if you don't buy product wholesale and start shipping yourself. Be prepared for the day it goes out. What will be your next step?

Well. That's enough free shit for now for the people joining here on BUSO. I hope it helps. It was fun writing. I can't sleep right now. I'm at at 3:28 am listening to this:

Ever since 2/2/2020 my sleep pattern's been really strange and this is therapy just letting things fly out my mind.

I also just got done listening to this about paradim shifts:

Be Rich In Life My Friends. Do What You Love. Never Let the Negatives in life Conquer you Because They Will Pass. We all feel the pressure at time. Once we make it through, we find new highs and new lows. In the end however, all that matters is where you ended up and the people you created stories with.

Use the Money To Make Great Moments wth people everywhere. Create new synergies, not isolation.
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Dec 31, 2016
Your points 1-5 are spot on and I'd advice noobs to meditate on this.

Like we've discussed often here, learning to enjoy the journey, to enjoy the struggle, is very important when working for ourselves. And just as important, always keep adjusting goals, keep striving. Give up on the idea of "once I make it". If you find joy in working and hustling, then "making it", won't make you happy.

The key imo is to learn to enjoy the process NOW, so don't neglect your personal life, friends and family, but work hard AND find the time to keep your relationships. That does indeed mean cutting out 1), all the Hollywood, all the series, all the chart-music, the frequent drinking, the show of status by trendy, but depreciating, consumer products. It's meaningless noise for the most part.