E-commerce On-Page SEO & Link Building?


Nov 17, 2020
Anyone have advice on how to build backlinks to a e-commerce site that has large inventory? Is blog content really the only option and doing outreach to promote it? Any on page SEO things I should keep in mind too (specifically for e-commerce)? I know the basics of on page but e-commerce is very different since it’s by its very nature “thin” and doesn’t really lend itself to optimizing the way a blog post does or something. Thanks for any advice!
Feb 24, 2021
Let's start, that's my first post into Buildersociety, but I was for years reading too much valuable content here.

It's time to have some reciprocity.

1. Initial considerations

When you say that ecommerce content is thin, it's because you don't have the correct architeture set or don't have mapped the really valuable keywords.

An little exemple: if the products don't have search volume by itself, probably you'll need to optimize categories.

You could make your category pages really content dense if you follow a pattern that fit's for your ecomm.

The first advice I can give you is: list the keywords you want to rank ant attach them to URLs, ex:

- blue widgets
- buy blue widgets

Having those keywords and pages mapped, you can prioritize the process of content building and optimizing.

The main rule is avoid keyword canibalization, @Ryuzaki has written extensively about this.

2. On Page

First, read the entire thread → https://www.buildersociety.com/threads/day-8-on-page-seo.1286/

After that, there are some tips you can implement, specifically on you category pages:
  1. Use Google Suggestion to get subtopics for your page and write them;
  2. Optimize your titles adding "buy" word on somewhere of title (not just the main keyword);
  3. Implement WD-IDF analysis on your main pages, it'll fix all possibly problems with keyword density, and more: it'll guarantee that your content is really dense for the topic.
If your keywords are mapped to the product pages, just optimize them as normal blog content. Add more content, optimize with the tips above, you'll be ok.

3. Link Building

Ecommerce is all about money. When a blogger see a store, he is seeing money.

Depending on the stage your store is, the reputation that already have (aka DR and topical trust), you can follow one of the ways following:
  • if it's already reputable or have some real trust: focus on building links directly to the pages you have optimized on step 2. Branded + partial match keywords on anchors will do trick.
  • if it's a new store: focus on branded links to your homepage. Try to emulate (or to be) a real brand getting started, with some links each week to your home page.
About link types, focus on high DR sites, buy links on them and manipulate your anchors as you need. You can google "newspapper SMALL CITY" (replacing "SMALL CITY") for small cities around the store location and pay them for publishing what you want.

Make sure they not tag as "PAID CONTENT".

That's it.
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