Cool tech projects

Nov 5, 2014
Hey nerds.

So, I have an old 2015 MacBook Pro that I love but My M1 MacBook Air laps it in every metric. By the time the MBP does 1 mile worth of computing, the Air is finishing a marathon. What can I do with this MBP?

So far, I installed Linux Mint on it and am installing a Tor bridge on the laptop. I have a 1 gigabit internet connection and will donate the extra bandwidth to pedophiles and journalist and political dissidents. Anything else?

anyone got cool tech projects that would be a fun weekend project?
start a series of "will it blend" type of videos.

but do it with a wood chopper
Try to do a restoration/refurb project and donate it to some poor bastard. Write about how to do it.

And by donating, I mean selling it cheap on Craigslist, because donating just means giving it for free to some guy who sits around professionally seeking out freebies.

The first couple of laptops I had when I began posting here were like 2008 IBM Thinkpads, bought for $20, that I added extra RAM for and ran Linux Mint on. Worked pretty well. Good times haha.

Next up I bought exactly a 2013 Macbook Air, which would have been perfectly fine except for Photoshop and now I have an M1 and that's basically the greatest laptop I've ever owned.
Kodi combined with the Zach Morris Repository is free, easy to set up and can give you an enormous retro emulation setup in a very short period of time. It's perfect for an older laptop connected to a TV.
I revived a Macbook Pro from 2015 by just upgrading the ram and fitting a SSD as hard disk. It is okay to work with now, and my daughter uses it since then.