Chances in a Competitive Vertical

Oct 10, 2019
Hey all, I have been a lurker around here for a while now and wanting to start out a venture of my own.

I have created sites in the past and made minimal money (around £900/month at best) but want to actually follow the course that @CCarter ,@Ryuzaki and the gang have put together and dedicate every free waking second I have on it. I work best with a full plan so am starting my journey here and when I have found a niche and have a partial plan I want to start a proper journey in the laboratory section. This will help me stay on track and even get some advice / helpful criticism.

One question I have is around Niches/Verticals, should I be weary about starting in a competitive vertical or should I just go for it all guns blazing. I have an interest in Health & "Survival" so I would like to attack one of these, however there is a part of me that fears the competition as I am a 1 man band at the minute.

I am a very competitive guy by nature so there is a part of me that would also like to get into one of these niches as I would be willing to invest time to compete.


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Sep 3, 2014
I'm completely done with Health as a vertical. Google has destroyed that for almost everyone with their YMYL changes with what everyone called the "Medic Update." I don't think Health is viable at all any more as an SEO or Affiliate. That might go for Finance too, but I haven't looked at the data.

This is the kind of thing you saw happen to GREAT health websites:

I'm not going to reveal those sites because they're real players, but this one below, the owner has been vocal about it. It's

I wouldn't touch Health with a ten and a half foot pole (Grinch reference!).

But as far as getting into big verticals... that's where the money is at. The benefit too is that you don't need to dominate (and won't) to make good money, like you would smaller niches. Because it's huge, there's tons of opportunities in terms of marketing and keyword research. You can kill it on long-tails all day long that big sites are ignoring, if we're talking about SEO.

There's also so many "fans" in the niches that you can get a following. Mommy bloggers kill the game like this. Fitness, Home & Garden, Health (RIP), Parenting... there's no giant niche they won't get into and make a killing on by having personal, authentic, genuine content and making real friends and fans.

That's less daunting than deciding to go after a tiny niche, knowing you have to dominate to earn anything worthwhile, and knowing there's a traffic cap where you won't grow any more.

Big verticals have room for everyone, and you have flexibility and the ability to sneak into small sub-sections, where big companies can't justify the production cost to go after that stuff.
Aug 5, 2018
When you say finance, what do you mean? Do you mean like make money online, surveys, etc?
Things like investment advice, where to bank, credit cards, etc. "Financial health" if you will.