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Nov 5, 2014
@built Good job. It took me more than a year to sell m first site and it was only for 2k.

I've read your whole thread from page 1 to page 13. Here's what I took home:
  • Grinding is when you work past discomfort, a new shiny object, or despair. Too often I find myself going back to the drawing board when new data comes in that is not to my liking. Fuck it, I'll keep pushing. Going back to square 1 over and over and over again is just an endless loop that lead to nowhere. PUBLISH A BAD PRODUCT. WHO CARES. AT LEAST YOU PUBLISHED SOMETHING.
  • You can sell a site that only has traffic leaks within 5 months. Awesome.
  • Fully immerse yourself in ONE endeavor. Stop having multiple projects. Every time I had a successful site, I fully immersed myself into it. Every site I've owned thats shit were ones I managed as a batch. Its so obvious now.
Also thanks @emp and @CCarter, your replies to this thread gave me great guidance.
Not open for further replies.