Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2022 at Builder Society

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Jun 15, 2014

Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2022
at Builder Society starts now!

First and foremost, I'd like to thank every member of BuSo, whether that's our regular posters, our lurkers, our Marketplace vendors, and our BuSo Pro supporters, for all of your contributions over the years. We appreciate every one of you for making this community what it is: the highest quality, most advanced SEO forum online, period.

Every year, our wonderful vendors share deep discounts and bonuses for their offerings for all of us to use to grow our businesses. I like to collect these deals into one thread so we can all keep track and share that thread around to our friends to the benefit of everyone involved. So without further ado...

In no particular order, categorized by type, with the name of the offer and a link to the thread first, the discount/bonus listed second, and then any available time frame info I have:

Links & Marketing

GNews Back-Links by @GNews
Buy 4 Gold or Diamond posts, get a 5th half off
Buy 10 King or Diamond posts, get 2 posts free
All orders get 5% off on Cyber Monday

Powerful Niche Links by @CCarter
As high as 50% bonuses on all packages
Limited time offer

Curated Links by @SerpWolf
10% off niche edits
Offer valid until Tuesday the 29th

Content & Keywords

WordAgents by @stackcash
Daily Deals on different packages like up to 40% off
Between Tuesday the 22nd & Cyber Monday

Curated Keywords by @NeverStop
25% discount with coupon code BFCM
Offer valid until November 30th

LetterCraft, Inc. by @LetterCraft
Several offers, up to $501 in savings, Only 4 spots each
Offer valid until November 30th at Midnight

Dope Writers by @dwain
25% off with coupon code BLACKOFF!
Offer valid until November 30th


Odys Global by @alexodysglobal
21% off all domains with coupon code BLACK21
24 Hours from November 25th to the 26th

Domains R Forever by @Golan
30% off all domains with coupon code busox22
Offer valid until the end of day on November 28th

SerpNames by @SerpNames
25% off on aged domains with coupon code BFSALE25
Offer valid from November 23rd through the 28th

Domain Coasters by @domaincoasters
30% off all domains
Sale begins on November 22nd


SERPWoo by @CCarter & @eliquid
30% discount off all plans
Limited time offer

All offers are subject to change at the discretion of each vendor. I will update here as I'm alerted. Please PM me if you're a Marketplace vendor and want to be included. Otherwise I'll be watching your threads for announcements.
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