Backlink Tools Related to Indexing, Index Check, & Cache Check

May 22, 2020
For this series of questions, I ask the time wasters to not go off topic by lecturing me about white hat this and that. I don't care.

I'm building a series of links that are high quality enough to get crawled and indexed on their own. Sometimes it takes months and I don't want to wait and I don't want to check manually.

How are people getting links indexed these days?​

Besides making sure they're high quality and waiting, are there any tools out there that still work for this? I know there are a lot of tools but I'm hearing that none of them are getting the job done at any reasonable rate these days. I know about the video sitemap trick too and I'm not trying to go through that much effort.

What's the way to bulk check if a list of URLs is indexed?​

Is there any tool that's preferred? I'd like a SaaS type so I don't have to mess with proxies.

Is there a way to bulk check the Google Cache and see if a link exists in it?​

Meaning that the page I got a link on is now recrawled and Google has seen it?


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Sep 3, 2014
I'm not sure about indexing but Scrapebox can check if pages are indexed and can tell you the cache date with an add-on. There's an add-on for checking if your link is on the page and what the anchor text is too.

So the workflow would be:
  1. Check if URL is live.
  2. Check if link appears on URL and what the anchor text is.
  3. Check if URL is indexed.
  4. Check the current cache date for URL.
  5. Check if current cache date is more recent than when you got the link.
  6. If all checks are passed, the link is live, indexed, and cached.
I'm about to buy another Scrapebox license now that it's available on Mac and just looked through the list of add-ons and saw all those features. There's a lot of things it can do unrelated to links that makes it worth it, let alone all the scraping and checking.

I've heard indexing bulk links has become a problem in the past year or so, too. I suspect that Google has set some kind of threshold of quality for what they're willing to index now that the internet is getting exponentially larger. I also suspect they're having to do that since they keep having bugs and failures in their indexing in general, too.
Apr 19, 2020
Backlinks aren't relevant if Google does not stumble upon them.
Just like health supplements, your fish oil doesn't mean shit unless your body absorbs DHA/EPA (which is why Krill Oil > Fish Oil)

Need Google to absorb inbound link data. So. What Indexer do you use?