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Sep 18, 2018
Hi guys,

I have recently decided to overhaul one of my affiliate sites. This all started a couple of months ago with deciding to ditch Thrive Architect (and all of Thrives other tools for that matter) and go back to Elementor to see if I could squeeze a little more speed from the site and stop using so much resources on my hosting.

Since changing back to Elementor I have noticed a huge jump in my sites overall speed, managed to clear out a huge amount from my data base and even seem to be getting a huge jump in mailing list signups using Mautics very basic email opt in pop up over Thrive Leads (small wins!)

Anyway to the point of this post.

I have decided to go with the Astra theme and so far like it a lot. I see by default they add schema/ markup and I see that Astra also provide a child theme that doesn't have any default schema at all.

The default schema/ markup looks pretty good, however I would like to add a few additional things on most pages throughout the site (around 140 pages/posts):

Am I best to:
  1. Add or amend the default schema/ markup (if this is possible at all?)
  2. Add the Astra child theme and create custom schema/ markup for each page (however I am guessing if I go down this route I may loose ranking on pages that may take a couple of weeks to add custom Schema too. Although I am currently using All In One Schema Rich Snippets - that might fill the gap until I get around to creating the custom schema for each page? )
I am also currently using Yoast if that would be any help?

Any advice, thoughts or help would be appreciated as I am a little lost on what to do!!

PS has anyone else moved on from Thrive leads and noticed a huge jump in lead generation?

Many thanks


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Sep 3, 2014
It's hard to give you an answer because you're using such an eclectic mix of themes and plugins. I've never used Thrive, Elementor, Astra, All in One Schema Rich Snippets, etc. Even if others have used the exact same combination, they may have never dealt with this concern.

I can tell you that Yoast adds schema now and they have an API where you can add any schema you want to any pages you want. Astra might also have some kind of functions you can add to adjust the Schema it's outputting.

It could be as easy as creating a custom field to drop the schema into, and injecting it into the <head> only on pages where you've filled out the custom field.