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Sep 15, 2014

I'm looking for someone to train an employee in Amazon Paid Search. If anyone has medium to advanced levels of experience and expertise in this area, I would love to hire them to train an employee on this. We are working with an unlimited budget throughout the holiday season and the people I represent need to take things up 10x across the board. Amazon Paid is lacking behind so I'm looking for anyone that can help out.

Post or PM me your hourly rates. I'm looking for hands on training for about 20-30 hours a week for up to 4 weeks (Going into the holiday season). The requirements will include training and monitoring the employee's progress in setting up, controlling, and properly analyzing a profitable campaign. Re-location is not necessary. Skype, screen-sharing, and phone calls with walk-throughs when obstacles arise, guiding the employee, is preferred.

I've got some feelers out there, but nothing solid yet.