5 years of books & courses or how I made $369,000 on the side

Jul 22, 2014
All of the talk about building an audience in order to have someone to sell to is just basic marketing. The real nugget in this is that the "info products" which are his e-books and courses are part of a funnel. Charging for them squeezes out tire kickers, and then you hit them with offers for teaching and consulting. That's where the bulk of the guy's money came from, and not the product sales.

Frank Kern is one of the early masters of the digital marketing funnel specifically of this type, where you bring people in on your website, free PDF's, display ads, etc... then you get them on your list and keep warming them there and on the site. You sell them cheap info products to keep them in play, then you do webinars, which are just pitches for coaching and consulting. Maybe 10% go for that, and then of those 10% you get another 10% who buy into your absurd $100k for 10 hours of coaching.

Kern regularly does million dollar launches in this fashion. His funnels are god tier:

People that drop out at any level get a cheaper upsell and if they buy into that they get wiggled back into the main channel of the funnel, and so forth. He squeezes every penny out of people while finding the dozen or so whales that end up coughing up their life savings.