WordPress Caching Plugin

Aug 8, 2018
I was trying to find a free (or one time fee) WP plugin to cache full pages. I thought I saw someone here mention WP Super Cache in the past. I use WPX for hosting and they have it blocked, details below:

"Thank you for your patience. The plugin is blocked as it is prone to a vulnerability that lets remote attackers inject and execute arbitrary code because the application fails to sanitize user-supplied input."

They offered to set up what is mentioned below, which I used in the past, however I don't think I tried Autoptimize and Async JS. It worked good for a while, but I started testing alternatives when I couldn't pass all the CWVs. I might take them up on it, minus EWWW becasue I already have Shortpixel installed. I'd still rather use a single plugin if its possible.

"The free version of w3tc works perfectly. You can use it in combination with Autoptimize and Async JS. If you need to optimize your images we would recommend EWWW image optimizer."

Is this maybe an older vulnerability that has since been fixed?

Does anyone have a good recommendation that's somewhat easy to setup and doesn't require a ton of different plugins?

This is the post I was thinking of. Would this still be a good option if that vulnerability has been fixed?

I might try the WPX recommendation first since they have their own CDN. I'm wondering if that may have caused other things I have tried to not work quite like I was expecting. I guess I probably should have tried things with it both on and off.
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